A Door Bell or Calling Bell is a signaling or informing device normally located near the door entry of a home or building. When a guest presses the switch of the door/calling bell, the bell inside the house will start ringing for alerting the resident about the presence of guest. Today many different varieties of door bells are available in the market. But this very simple electronics DIY project – Carpet Door Bell is only available in mepits.com….So Folks, Why are you waiting for, just go through this Simple electronics DIY Project and explore your unique amazing carpet calling bell.

As the name suggest this Simple Electronics DIY Project – Carpet Door Bell, is a calling bell, which can be placed under the carpet and when anyone stand up on the Simple Electronics DIY Project –Carpet Calling Bell, the existing calling bell inside the house will start ringing for alerting the householder about the presence of visitor. The output of the DIY Project - Carpet Door Bell circuit, which is placed under the carpet, is connected parallel to the existing calling bell switch of the house .Whenever a visitor stands on the carpet, the bell starts ringing at a time interval basis by switching a relay. This simple and very interesting Electronic Circuit – Carpet Door Bell can be used as your engineering mini project. Any techy can easily make this simple Electronic Project for their house or office purposes.

Block Diagram of Simple Electronics DIY Project – Carpet Door Bell :

                   Carpet calling bell

From the block diagram of carpet calling bell, it is clear that the major parts are bell switching circuit along with the Bell controller. The 555 Timer IC performs as the bell controller. The DIY Project - Carpet Door Bell circuit is placed under the carpet and the output of the circuit is connected parallel to the already existing doorbell switch via a relay. So whenever a person stands up on the Carpet door bell, the relay gets activated and the Door Bell starts ringing according to the time interval set by the bell controller, i.e. the 555 timer.

The Circuit diagram, PCB and component layout of the DIY Project - Carpet Door Bell is given below:

 carpet calling bell
             carpet calling bell pcb         carpet calling bell_component layout

Required Electronic Components:

  • Resistor, 1k: 1No.
  • Resistor, 10k: 1No.
  • Pot, 10k: 1 No.
  • Capacitor, 220uF: 1No.
  • Capacitor, 0.01uF: 1No.
  • Transistor, BC547: 1No.
  • Diode, 1N4007: 1No.
  • Battery holder , 9v Strap: 1No.
  • Relay, 5v: 1No.
  • IC, NE555: 1No.
  • Terminal block, 2 pin green: 1No.
  • RMC, 2pin: 1No.
  • IC base, 8pin:1No.

There is no time for wasting….Get up and start doing your Interesting DIY Project, Carpet Door Bell….                 

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