The most strenuous job in the morning is to get out of bed and stay awake. Majority of us yield to the impulse of snooze and as a consequence we all run late all that day! Here is your new Wake up Alarm Mantra!! The DIY Project – Alarm Carpet … This DIY Project- Alarm Carpet is a wake up alarm and will rise up you from sleep sensations and help you for a fresh and beautiful day. May be this DIY Project will be a great help for students in the exam times and also for office going persons.

The Alarm Carpet is a very simple electronics DIY Project. The main parts including in the Alarm Carpet DIY Project  are a controller, buzzer, seven segment displays, Alarm enabler, Alarm setting keys and of course, the battery. The Alarm Disabler section must be placed under the Alarm Carpet and the other parts can be placed anywhere according to your requirements. There are five alarm keys provided for setting the alarm in hours or minutes. Actually the Alarm/Buzzer along with two digit seven segment display will work as a timer, and when we set a particular time using the alarm keys, the Alarm starts count down and it will be displayed by the two digit seven segment display.  The buzzer starts ringing as far as the countdown completed. The Wake up Alarm buzzer stops only when the person gets up from his bed and stands upon the Alarm Carpet, since the alarm Disabler is embedded in the Wake up Alarm Carpet. If you want this as an Alarm Carpet Challenge, Place the Wake up Alarm Carpet apart from your bed and place it infront of your washbasin, so as to wake up you freshly…… 

Block Diagram of Alarm Carpet DIY Project:

              Alarm Carpet

The block diagram of electronics DIY project – alarm carpet is given here. There is a 5 alarm setting key, through which you can set the Alarm Time. The controller used in this electronics DIY project – alarm carpet is Pic16F883 Microcontroller, which is the heart of the wake up alarm DIY Project. A 2 digit 7 Segment Display is used for displaying the timer count down status. Also two indicators are provided for indicating the Countdown time in hours and minutes. The Alarm Disabler switch is used for disabling the buzzer. The power required for the whole wake up alarm DIY Project is provided by the battery section.

Circuit Diagram of Electronics DIY Project Wake up Alarm:

  wake up alarm carpet

The PCB and Component Layout of the wake up alarm Carpet is also given below:

Alarm Carpet PCB carpet alarm component layout

Required Electronic Components:

  • Resistor, 1k: 14 No.s
  • Resistor net, 1k 8pin: 1No.
  • Capacitor, 100uF: 1No.
  • Capacitor,33pF : 2 No.s
  • Transistor,BC547 : 3 No.s
  • LED, 3mm red :1 No
  • LED, 3mm green : 1 No
  • LED, 3mm blue: 1 No
  • Micro switch: 6 No.s
  • Crystal  4Mh: 1 No
  • 7segment, Common anode: 2 No.s
  • Mini Buzzer, 5v:                1 No
  • IC LM7805: 1 No
  • Microcontroller, PIC 16F883: 1 No
  • Berg strip male,                6pin: 1 No
  • Berg strip male, 2 pin: 1 No
  • Berg strip female, 5pin: 2 No
  • RMC, 2pin: 1 No
  • Battery holder, 9v Strap: 1 No
  • IC base, 28pin: 1 No

Applications of the Alarm Carpet:

  1. The wake up Alarm will be very helpful for students during exam times.
  2. This alarm helps to remind about the medicines that should be taken in a time interval basis.  
  3. This alarm carpet will be very helpful for time management especially for students and working persons.

This DIY Project Wake up Alarm is a simple microcontroller project and students or hobbyist can easily develop this project.  Also they can use this DIY Project as their engineering mini project…

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