How to Make a Solar Powered Car, Science Fair Projects

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Before directly going to the solar Powered car simple electronics project, let us study some basics of solar cells and motor actions.  For that you just check out this simple circuit. The goal of -DC electrical motor powered by solar panel circuit given below, is to drive a DC motor using a solar panel and hence demonstrate how we can use the solar power directly in particular applications. In this Science Fair Projects, we are describing about a solar Powered car, which is the best example for the application level illustration of DC electrical motor powered by solar panel. This concept will help students to develop their own solar powered devices like solar car, solar motor etc. and hence demonstrate their own solar car as their Science Fair Projects…

Circuit Diagram:

                                 solar with motor circuit

In this method, as shown in the circuit diagram, the DC motor is directly connected to the solar panel. Solar panel receives light energy and converts this light energy into the electrical energy and is directly fed to the DC motor through a wire. The motor starts running according to the converted DC electrical power level from the solar panel. We can use this concept and method, to make the solar powered car. The method and working principle of the solar car is given below.

Materials required for the construction of Solar Car for Science Fair Projects:

  • Light weight wood or coroplast frame.
  • Axels (4 No.s)
  • Wheels (4 No.s)
  • Eye Screws (4No.s)
  • Gum
  • Adhesive material and Tape
  • Screw driver
  • DC Motor
  • Solar Panel
  • Gears or pulley
  • Marker and Knife
  • Player etc.

Step By Step Procedure for making Solar Car for Science Fair Projects:

  • First take a Coroplast frame or light weight wood having 5cm width for holding the motor, solar panel, axels and wheels.
  • Mark four locations for the eye screws, where we want to fix the axel.
  • Fix the eye screws firmly on the surface.

      ​Solar Powered Car Solar Powered Car

                 Fig 1: Fix the eye screws firmly                                  Fig 2: Axel Fixing into the eye screws

  • Eye screws are used for carrying the axel, and the axel should spin freely, so it should be properly fixed with the eye screws.
  • Provide a spacer using any plastic tubes or straws between the eye screw and the wheels.
  • Now insert the wheels into the axels.

    ​Fix the eye screws firmly  motor for solar powered car

                Fig 3: After fixing the four wheels                                       Fig 4: Motor Used in solar car

  • Similarly fix the other wheels too. Now the arrangement will look as shown in the figure.
  • The small pulley or the gear should be inserted into the motors shaft. After that using an adhesive, place the motor and solar panel on the solar car surface as shown in figure.

   solar powered car​  solar car

        Fig 5: Solar Car - Solar Panel Placed Horizontally                   Fig 6: Solar Car - Solar Panel Placed Tilted

  • Now move the solar car towards and forward until the gears engaged properly with the wheel.
  • Properly connect the motor with the solar panel using wires and clips.
  • Now recheck the solar panel connections with the motor in the cars surface.
  • The solar panel should be placed horizontally or in tilted position as shown in the figures so as to achieve maximum radiation from the sun. Solar panel should be mount firmly using tape or gum on the solar car surface.

Analyzing Data:

After the completion of all the arrangements and connections, take the solar powered car outside a sunny location and place the solar car and test the solar car. Check whether the wheels rotate, while the solar powered car is in our hand or in the ground?

Now place the solar car in such a way that the solar panel is facing towards the sun and make sure that the solar panel gets maximum radiation from the sun.

If there is no sunny location outside, we can test our solar powered car with a lamp having strong light (120 Watt) and reflector. Just place the solar car two feet under the strong light for sometimes. Now test the solar car and enjoy the riding... We can modify this solar powered car by adding more features and decorations according to our imagination and creativity… and enjoy your own solar car riding and have fun….

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