The Laser Controlled Device Switch DIY Project is one of the simple and low cost DIY electronics Project for students and tech lovers. The design and implementation of the Laser Controlled Device Switch can be easily carried out with low cost components given in this DIY Electronics Project. The major attraction of the Laser Controlled Device Switch DIY Project is its Laser Gun.

Block Diagram of Laser Controlled Device Switch:

laser controlled device block diagram

Laser Gun:

The Laser gun is a small device and now days these Laser gun can be easily available in the market with low cost. The laser gun emits laser beam and the range of the light beam is about up to 500 meters. Actually this Laser Gun act as a Light beam Transmitter.

Photo diode receiver:

The light/Laser beam from the Laser gun is collected by the Photo Diode Receiver section. Care should be taken that the Photodiode Receiver should be oriented perfectly in line of sight with the Laser Gun so as to provide a good communication path between the transmitter and the receiver. The photo diode Receiver Section is then connected to the Switching circuitry section.

Switching Circuit and AC Relay:

The switching circuit section is used for switching the device switch ON/OFF. When the photo diode detects the laser beam, it will activate the switching circuit section. A relay is connected with the switching Circuit so as to control the connected device switch. So when we press the ON button of Laser Gun, while noted that the Laser Gun is in line of sight with the Photo Diode in the Receiver section, the Photo Diode gets activated and it will provide some output voltage level to the switching circuit and the relay gets activated and it will turn ON the switch of corresponding device. Now we again press the Laser Gun Button, then the Relay will be deactivated and the device switch remains in the OFF state.  So the device will be in switched OFF condition.

Circuit Diagram of Laser Controlled Device Switch DIY Project:

The circuit diagram of Laser Controlled Device Switch DIY Project is given below. There are mainly three sections in the circuit diagram, The Power section, Main section and the Relay Section. PCB and Component Layout is also given below.

    Laser Controlled Device circuit diagram

Power section: In the Power section there is a small switch used for ON/OFF. The Photo diode Receiver section and three LEDs are used for indicating or identifying the photo diodes during night or like that.  A 9 V battery is used with this entire circuit for providing the proper working power.

Main Section and Relay Section:  In the main section of Laser Controlled Device Switch DIY Project, there is a Timer IC1 NE555 and a Flip-flop IC2 4013 is used. When we press the Laser gun at first, the Photo diode gets activated and it will turn ON the transistor T2. Then the Timer IC gets activated and the Timer IC1 NE555 provides squire wave input to the IC2 so that the Flip-Flop will provide an ON/OFF signal to the Relay Section.

Note: The LED LT1 is used for an indication that the transistor T2 will be in ON state. The I/P PULSE - LED is for indicating the input pulse presence to the Flip Flop and the third LED – RELAY IND is for  relay indication.

     Laser Controlled Device PCB

  Laser Controlled Device Component layout 


Operating Conditions of Laser Controlled Device Switch DIY Project:

Let’s consider the first condition that the Laser gun is ON, the Photo Diode receiver gets activated, so IC1 will provide square wave input to the FF and the Flip Flop will provide a HIGH signal to the relay section and the relay gets activated to switch ON the device.

 Now if you again press the Laser Gun button, then the Flip-Flop will provide a LOW output (since it is a D Flip Flop) which will deactivate the relay to switch OFF the corresponding device.  

Electronic Components List:

  • Resistor,  560 ohm : 4 No.s
  • Resistor, 220ohm: 1 No.
  • Resistor, 4.7k: 1 No.
  • Resistor, 10k: 1No.
  • Resistor, 100k: 1 NO.
  • Resistor, 0.01uF: 1 No.
  • Capacitor, 10uF: 2 No.
  • Resistor, 0.01uF: 1 No.
  • LED, 3mm glass red L: 3 No.s
  • LED, 3mm Red: 1No.
  • LED, 3mm Green: 1 No.
  • LED, 3mm Yellow: 1 No.
  • Transistor, BC547 : 2 No.s
  • Phototransistor, 1KL3B: 1No.
  • Timer IC, 555: 1 No.
  • IC 4013: 1 No.
  • Diode, 1N4007: 1 No.
  • Relay, 12V: 1 No.
  • Terminal blocks green, 2pin: 1No.
  • Battery holder, 9v strip: 1 No.
  • IC base, 8pin: 1No.
  • IC base, 14pin: 1 No.
  • ON/OFF Switch, Small: 1 No.
  • Berg strip Male,                3pin: 1 No.
  • Berg strip Female, 3pin: 1 No.

Applications of Laser Controlled Device Switch:

  • The DIY Electronics project can be used as a remote controller for operating different devices like fan, light, TV, computer also the main supply switch board can be easily controlled with this Laser Controlled Device Switch.
  • Physically handicapped person can easily control the electronic devices with this Laser Controlled Device Switch DIY Project. They can easily ON/OFF the fan/ light or any electronic devices holding the Laser Gun on their hands without getting off the bed.
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