This Cool Shooting Games Using laser Gun DIY Electronics Project is mainly for Gaming Actions. You may have noticed in Science fiction films or Shows like “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” that uses Laser Guns and Weapons in the fictional battles. It’s very interesting to watch that films or shows. So why don’t you think to make a Cool Shooting Games Using laser Gun like that the hero used in the films? Yes!!! Now it is possible with this interesting DIY Electronics project. Here we are discussing about a simple DIY Electronics Project - Cool Shooting Games using laser Gun. With this DIY Project you can play shooting games like in the films with friends.

Block Diagram of Cool Shooting Games Using laser Gun: 

    Laser Gun Block Diagram

The major parts included in the Cool Shooting Games Using laser Gun DIY Electronics Projects are,

  1. Laser Gun
  2. Photo Diode Receiver
  3. Blood Indicating LEDs

Laser Gun: This is the heart of this DIY Electronics project. We can use simple Laser Torch as the Laser Gun. They provide a wide range up to 500 meters. Also the Laser torch/Gun can be easily available in the market with low cost. You can use any of the available Laser Torch/Gun for your project.

Photodiode Receiver:  Photo Diode Receiver Section, receives the transmitted Laser beam from the Laser Gun and provides the necessary actions. Here we are using an indicating LED in the photodiode Receiver section to indicate that the Photo Diode section is ON during night. Note that the Photodiode Receiver section will activate only when the transmitted Laser beam comes in line of sight with the photodiode and it will be indicated by another RED LED.

Blood indicating LED: When the light Beam from the Laser Gun hits the correct position of the Photodiode, then only the Blood Indicating LED will be made ON.

Circuit Diagram explanation of Cool Shooting Games Using laser Gun:

The circuit diagram along with PCB and Component Layout of Laser Gun is shown in the figure below. The sections included in the Laser Gun DIY Electronics Projects are – Power section, Main Board, Gun Trigger Board and the Relay Board.

     Laser Gun Circuit

Laser Gun PCBLaser Gun Component Layout

Power Section: A 9 Volt battery is used here. An ON/OFF switch is connected with the battery and when the switch is in ON position, the three LEDs will be ON to indicate that the power is switched ON.

Main Board: The Main Board part resides in the Photodiode Receiver section. When the board receives the Laser Beam from the Laser Gun, the Photodiode gets activated and it will turn ON the transistor T1 so that the LED –LT1 DETECT will be in ON state. Also the Timer gets activated by the beam and it will provide a square wave output to the next LED – I/P PULSE and it will start glowing.

Gun Trigger Board: The Laser Gun comes with this Gun Trigger Board, and there is also a Timer IC present to provide a periodic Laser Pulse to the Photodiode Receiver section.

Relay Board: This Relay board section is optional. If you want to blink/ ON a bulb or any other devices during your Laser Gun Game, using this Relay board you can easily connect your bulb or other part with the Photodiode Receiver section.

Electronic Components:

  • Resistor, 560ohm: 5 No.s
  • Resistor, 220ohm: 1No.
  • Resistor, 4.7k: 1No.
  • Resistor, 10k: 2 No.s
  • Resistor, 1M: 1 No.
  • Capacitor, 10uF: 3 No.s            
  • Capacitor, 0.01uF: 2 No.s
  • LED, 3mm glass red: 3 No.s
  • LED, 3mm Yellow: 1No.
  • LED, 3mm red:1No.
  • LED, 3mm green: 1No.
  • Transistor, BC547: 2 No.s
  • Phototransistor,            1KL3B: 1No.
  • Timer IC, 555 : 1No.
  • Relay, 12v: 1No.
  • Diode, 1N4007: 1No.
  • Terminal block Green, 2pin: 1No.
  • Battery holder, 9v strip:1 No.
  • On Off switch, Small: 1No.
  • Berg strip male, 3pin: 1No.
  • Berg strip female, 3pin :1 No.

It is so interesting to play with this Laser Gun. You can play multi player shooting Games using this cool DIY Electronics Project and become a hero among your friends circle…. 

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