Now days there are many varieties of boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beagle bone Black, Banana Pi etc. that are easily available at the market. Many of them are open source platform providers and we are talking about Arduino here. Arduino is an open source and flexible plat form for electronics project lovers and engineers.  It’s so simple and easy to make DIY Projects using Arduino. When we design DIY Projects using Arduino, plenty of jumper wires and connectors are used between the Arduino board and components, and it looks little complicated and creepy. So why don’t you think to make your own customized Arduino board, which will reduce the complications and also we can easily set up the connections with other devices and components without much effort. In this article, we are describing about the customized Arduino board that is Arduino UNO Board on Board.                       Arduino UNO BOB

Block Diagram of Arduino custom board - Arduino UNO BOB:

                                   Arduino UNO BOB

The Arduino UNO BOB Block Diagram is given below. This customized Arduino board is mainly used for reducing the external connection between the components and the connectors with the Arduino. The main sections in the block diagram are,

  • 5 Analog or Digital Sensor Connectors: These pins are used for connecting analog or digital signals from different sensors directly to GND-OUT-VCC Pin outs without much complications.

  • 6 PWM or Digital Connectors: These pins are used for connecting PWM output (Servomotor) or Digital Input/ Output devices with GND-VCC-SIGN pin outs.

  • 2 External Interrupts: These pins are for external interrupts. Also this can be used as Digital Input or Digital Output with GND-IN-VCC Pin Out.

  • USART DB9 connector: For connecting Tx and Rx sections with the Arduino.

  • SPI Connector:  For connecting SPI Communication devices.

  • Motor Driver Connector: We have 4pins to connect a driver board which can drive 2 motors. GND-VCC-Pin1-Pin 2-Pin3-Pin 4.

  • LCD Connector: For connecting 16x2 LCD modules. The 4 pins are used for VCC and GND. 4 pins are for 4 bit data mode. 2 pins for RESET and ENABLE and 1 pin for Intensity Controlling.

NOTE: The SPI and PWM 1 and 2 have common pins. Also Motor Driver and PWM 4 and 5 have common pins. Similarly LCD and PWM 6 have common pin. At last INT1 and PWM 6 are common pins. So in all these cases we can use only anyone of the given combination connector at a time.

Circuit Diagram and PCB Layout of Arduino custom board - Arduino UNO BOB:


        Arduino UNO BOB circuit

                                                                      Arduino UNO BOB PCB   



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