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Here we are making a simple yet power full Submarine Ship- DIY Electronics Project using Arduino UNO. The basic sections included in this DIY Electronics Projects are the Ship and the Control Panel. The Submarine Ship consists of Arduino along with the Arduino UNO BOB, Distance Sensor, navigation control Motor Driver for controlling a total of 4 Water Pumping Motors and at last the Zigbee for communicating with the Control Panel.

Block Diagram of Zigbee controlled Submarine Boat Using Arduino UNO:

         submarine ship using arduino uno

                                      submarine ship using arduino uno

1. Submarine Ship Section:

  • Arduino with Arduino UNO BOB: Arduino UNO BOB is the heart of this DIY Electronics Project. Actually the Arduino UNO BOB is placed over the Arduino board for reducing the connectivity complexes between the Arduino UNO and the other modules in that particular DIY Electronics Project.
  • Zigbee: It is used for establishing a communication path between the Ship and the Control panel via USART communication.
  • Distance Sensor: The Distance Sensor is used for calculating the Obstacle’s distance from the Submarine Ship .With the help of Zigbee communication this distance can be monitored at the control Panel section.
  • Navigation Control Motor Drivers: Which is used for driving the four Water Pumping Motors to navigate the Submarine ship.
  • Water Pumping Motors: Four water Pumping Motors help the Ship to move through underwater.

2. Control Panel:

  • You can use your Laptop or Desktop as the control panel. With the help of some defined input keys in your computer, you can control the Submarine Ship. If any obstacles are detected by the distance sensor of the ship section, then Zigbee communicate with the computer and will show you some warning Messages.

Circuit diagram of Zigbee controlled Submarine Boat Using Arduino UNO with PCB Layout:

         submarine ship using Arduino UNO circuit

                                            submarine ship using Arduino UNO circuit   

submarine ship using Arduino UNOsubmarine ship using Arduino UNO

Electronic Components Required:

  • Arduino UNO : 1 No.
  • Arduino BOB : 1 No.
  • Xbee : 2 No.s
  • 560ohm resistor : 1 No.
  • 1k resistor: 1 No.
  • DB9 F connector: 1 No.
  • 10uF capacitor: 1 No.
  • L293de IC: 1 No.
  • 16pin ic bed: 1 No.
  • 560ohm resistor: 5 No.s
  • 0.1uF capacitor  : 2 No.
  • 2pin rmc connector: 2 No.
  • 6pin rmc connector: 1 No.
  • 12v battery power.   

Actually This DIY Electronics Project is a prototype of actual Submarine ship with Remote Controlling capability. You can provide additional features to this DIY Project to make your Submarine Ship Smarter… This DIY Arduino UNO project - Zigbee controlled Submarine Boat Using Arduino UNO can be used as your Mini projects and it will embrace you and your friends.