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The open-source platform Arduino has been emerging in recent years. In this new era,  Arduino open-source platform plays a substantial role in monitoring and remotely controlling electrical devices - like home appliances, office or company security devices/electrical appliances etc. Now Arduino can be easily available in market with cheap price also it can be accessible with good specifications, with wide varieties of shields having many purposes like GSM Support, Wi-Fi and Ethernet etc. The aim of this DIY Electronics project Arduino Home Automation is to develop Electrical Device and Home Security Control system with the help of an Arduino UNO development board. The system monitors and controls electrical appliances either with remote or mobile phones. The major attraction of this Arduino Home Automation project is that, you can get SMS alert on burglary or robbery happened in your house/office only if you activate your security system.  

Block Diagram of Arduino Home Automation DIY Electronics project:

                        Arduino Home Automation

PIR Sensor: PIR sensor is commonly used for identifying the presence of persons around the sensor range by detecting the variations in the infrared radiation levels that emits from the human body. The PIR sensors are inexpensive, easy to use, low power, small device and don't wear out device. They are commonly referred to as Passive Infrared, PIR Sensors, IR motion sensors or Pyro electric Sensors.

RF Remote ON/OFF and Intensity Control Switches: With the help of RF Remote you can control home/office electrical appliances wirelessly. In the RF Remote controller, 4 digital input switches are used for providing device control information wirelessly. The HT 12E Encoder IC in the RF Remote converts the parallel input data into serial output. Then it transmits these encoded data through the RF Remote controller (RF Transmitter) to the RF Remote Receiver Section.

RF Receiver Section: The RF Receiver section receives the encoded data from the RF remote controller. HT 12D IC is used for decoding the received data and converts the serial input data into parallel digital outputs. We can read corresponding data as digital input to the controller. Then the controller takes corresponding actions like ON/OFF electrical devices.

GSM: The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is an international standard for cellular/mobile communication depending on TDMA approach. It is designed as a second generation’s mobile phone technology. In addition to voice services, the Global System for Mobile Communications technology supports different types of data services like SMS, videotext, facsimile. The SMS service has been fatten worldwide nowadays and it is the major specification of GSM. Here in this Arduino Home Automation DIY Electronics project, we can activate or deactivate the security system with SMS.  GSM provides instant SMS alert to the house owners for informing something happened like theft in his house and also he can control office/home electrical appliances with SMS only if the security system is activated.

Mobile SMS: You can control your home/office electrical or security equipment using your mobile phone. Also gets immediate SMS alert if any burglary or robbery happened in your house/office.

1 Intensity control and 2 Digital Control Relay: According to the inputs either by remote or mobile, the controller provides corresponding input data to the intensity control pins to control the intensity of a light or varying the speed of a fan. Similarly with this circuit we can control two digital devices connected to a relay depending on the controller output. 

Circuit Diagram with Components Arrangement of Arduino Home Automation DIY Electronics project:


Arduino home automation project

                           RF Remote Control Circuit                                                                                        

Electronics Components Required:

  • Arduino Uno: 1No.
  • Arduino BOB: 1No.
  • PIR Sensor: 1No.
  • Relay 12v: 2 No.s
  • Diode:  2 No.
  • BC547 : 2 No.s
  • 1k Resistor: 2 No.s
  • Jn block connector: 2 No.s
  • GSM sim 900: 1 No.
  • Led 5mm: 1 No.
  • 560ohm Resistor: 1 No.
  • ASK RF RX: 1 No.
  • HTC12D: 1 No.
  • 100k Resistor: 1 No.
  • 18pin IC bed: 1 No.

RF Remote Control:

  • ASK RF TX: 1 No.
  • HTC12E: 1 No.
  • 18pin IC bed: 1 No.
  • Micro switches: 4 No.s
  • Diode : 4 No.s
  • 1M Resistor: 1 No.
  • 3v button cell: 1 No.
  • Battery holder: 1 No.
  • 12v  adaptor or battery can use as power

Applications of Arduino Home Automation DIY Electronics project:

  • Very helpful for office and home Security.
  • Get SMS alert on burglary happened in your house/office, so you can take necessary actions.
  • Mobility impaired persons can control home electrical appliances easily.
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