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DIY LED Projects more popular now a days due to its low cost and high brightness. There are a lot of cool DIY LED projects, here is one of the best LED project Wrist LED Display. Let starts designing an LED display. Make yourself a small LED display with different stylish patterns and fix it in your wrist. Long life of LED’s is also a reason of attraction towards it.

It is so simple to make an 8X8 LED display and different lighting patterns in that. Implement it in your hand to get an awesome wrist LED display. This is one of the trendy DIY LED project for students to study about basics of electronics design using PIC16F883 microcontroller. Doing this project students get more familiarize with some of the common IC’s such as LM7805, ULN2803 and 74AC164N also. 

Block Diagram of Wrist LED Display

Wrist LED Display

Block Description:

Selection Key: In the circuit we have provided a selection key to select different LED lighting patterns. In the program we have provided about 9 design patterns.

PIC Microcontroller: Microcontroller used in this DIY project is 28 Pin PIC16F883. Embedded C program is used and burnt in PIC microcontroller to generate 9 design patterns in 8x8 LED’s. We are able to generate a number of design patterns by different programs in PIC.

ULN2803: Darlington transistor array is used as LED driver. Data output from ULN2803 is used to select the required rows. This driver is able to provide desired current for 8x8 LEDs.

Shifting IC: In this project we are using 74HC164 IC for shifting columns. It will enable columns one by one according to the clock signal.

Electronic Components & Modules Required:


  • 1K Resistor: 2
  • 560 Ohm Resistor: 8
  • 1K Resistor Network (9 Pin): 1


  • 33pf Capacitor: 2
  • 100uf Capacitor: 1


  • 1N4007 Diode: 1
  • LM7805 IC: 1
  • ULN2803 IC: 1
  • 74AC164N IC: 1
  • PIC16f883 IC: 1
  • 3mm Red LED: 64
  • 4MHz Crystal: 1


  • 8pin Female to Female RMC Cable: 2
  • 8pin Berg Strip: 4
  • 6pin Berg Strip: 1
  • 28pin IC Base: 1
  • 18pin IC Base: 1
  • 14pin IC Base: 1
  • 9V Battery Holder: 1
  • Micro Switch: 2
  • 9V Battery

Circuit Diagram of DIY LED Project (Wrist LED Display):

Wrist LED Display

PCB and Component Layout of Wrist LED Display:

Wrist LED DisplayWrist LED Display

Wrist LED Display Wrist LED Display

This low cost trendy design is using PIC16F883 and some common IC’s such as LM7805, ULN2803 and 74AC164N.


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