Android Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Robot

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The Linux-based operating system “Android” is designed by Google and is commonly used with Tablets and Smartphones. Today’s technological developments yield us to amalgamate the performance of smartphones with Robotics. Nowadays an electronic techie can easily make their own Robotic projects, which can be controlled with a soft touch on the smart phones screen by integrating different technologies with the Android Smart devices.

This Arduino project- Android Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Robot gets you a clean and clear idea about How to make an Android Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Robot. An android based Smartphone is used for controlling the Arduino Robot via Bluetooth and a User Interface app is used for interfacing with the Arduino UNO board.

The Block Diagram and the device parts used for Android Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Robot are explained below:

      Android bluetooth arduino robot

  1.  Android Device
  2.  Controller: Arduino UNO along with Arduino UNO BOB from “mepits”
  3.  Bluetooth Module
  4.  Motor driver
  5.  DC Motors
  6.  Robot Physical Parts

Android Device:

Here we are using an android OS based smartphone for controlling the Arduino Robot. For that the Android OS must fulfill some conditions like: to have Bluetooth connectivity and an Android User Interface app for interfacing with the Arduino Robot. There is no doubt; today’s major smartphones have the Bluetooth facility. So the thing you need to care about is the Android user Interface app.  The Android User Interface app can be designed according to user’s needs. There are too many tools and kits available for designing such Android user Interface applications without much effort.  


Arduino UNO is used as the controller for making the Android Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Robot. We are using “mepits” own customized board Arduino UNO BOB along with the controller, for reducing the connection complexities of the Arduino project. Another benefit of using Arduino UNO with the Android smart phone is that there are many open source links and platforms available that provide full documents and resources which link between Android and Arduino.

Bluetooth Module:

A Bluetooth module is used for interfacing the Arduino Robot with the Android smartphone wirelessly. Here we are using Bluetooth Module 2.0.

Specifications of Bluetooth Module 2.0:

  •  This is a fully qualified Bluetooth version of V2.0+EDR
  •  Enhanced Data Rate for both 3Mbps and 2Mbps modulation modes
  •  Easy to use and a 3.3 V is required for its working
  •  Provide a full speed of Bluetooth connection with Scatternet and Piconet Support
  •  UART,USB, PCM interface
  •  Low power operation

Motor Driver:

For controlling the electrical motors used in the Arduino Robot, a motor driver IC - L293D Push-Pull Four Channel Driver IC- is used. For its features and specifications read more….

DC Motors for Robot:

The DC motors are used for the movement of the Arduino Robot according to the input given by the user.

Circuit diagram of Android Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Robot with components Arrangements:

                                     Android controlled Arduino Robot Circuit Diagram

Electronic Components Required:

  • Arduino Uno : 1 No.
  • Arduino BOB : 1 No.
  • USART Bluetooth module : 1 No.
  • DB9 F connector: 1 No.
  • 10uF capacitor: 1 No.
  • L293de IC : 1 No.
  • 16pin ic bed : 1 No.
  • 560ohm resistor: 5 No.
  • 0.1uF capacitor:  2 No.   
  • 2pin rmc connector: 2 No.
  • 6pin rmc connector: 1 No. 

Applications of Android Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Robot:

  • For industrial and commercial applications
  • Can be used in remote area applications
  • Helpful for mobility impaired persons
  • As a toy
  • For Pick and Place applications.


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