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Gesture controlled robot is a type of wireless robot that can be controlled with our hand gestures. It requires a transmitting device which includes the accelerometer and the RF transmitter to be placed in our hand and the various hand gestures controls the movement of the robot. The robot could be moved forward, backward, both the sideways and stopped with the gestures. The circuit uses PIC16F883 microcontroller. The microcontroller reads the various input analog signals from the accelerometer and the signals are sent to the motor driver by wireless RF modules.

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Block Diagram

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In the abstract part we have summarized what this project is it and how it will work. Now we are going to analyze the working of this project. It is a gesture based robot. Here hand gestures are used. These hand gestures will provide the direction the robot has to follow. The robot is programmed to read the forward, backward, sideways and stop gestures. An accelerometer is placed in caped over the finger. It will capture the hand gestures. For different gestures the accelerometer will give corresponding values. These values are given as input to the PIC16F883.

The heart or the controller of this robot is PIC16F883 microcontroller. The role of the microcontroller is to convert the data given from the accelerator. The robot being wireless the RF communication is used for the communication between the hand and the robot.

RF transmitter is placed above the hand. Before being transmitted the data from the microcontroller is has to be encoded. For this an HT 12 E encoder IC is provided in the board. Once the data is encoded the data will be transmitted to the receiver side which will be intercepted by the RF receiver. The address of these transmitter and receiver should match exactly then only the communication will occur. Here it has been grounded for the ease.

When the data reaches the receiver side it has to be decoded by the decoder.HT12D decoder IC is used for the decoding purpose. Depending upon these values the motor driver will drive the robot in desired direction.  


Enjoy developing this robot yourself and have a great time driving this. 

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