DIY Project:-Baby Monitoring System / Baby Alarm

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Introduction to the DIY Project

A system has been developed which will help to monitor a baby sleeping in a cradle. This will check whether the baby is sleep or not, has he crying or made the bed wet. Depending upon the response corresponding output will be generated to inform the mother. It will be a blessing in disguise for every parent who can easily leave their child in the cradle without any tension. Real time response of this system will be a boon to them.  It is a simple DIY project using some sensors.

This is a multipurpose system to monitor a baby while sleeping. This consists of a force sensor, a wet sensor and a cry detector to check the various activities of the baby while sleeping. The force sensor detects whether the baby has woken up from the bed and alerts us by ringing a buzzer if the baby is awake. Wet sensor detects whether the baby has passed urine and alerts by lighting the led. The final sound sensor detects the cry of the baby and plays music until the baby stops crying.

Block Diagram of this DIY Project

Block Diagram

Circuit Diagram of the DIY Project

Circuit Diagram

Components Required

  1. Force Sensor-1

  2. Wet Sensor-1

  3. Mike-1

  4. Speaker-1

  5. Buzzer-2

  6. 555 Timer-1

  7. Voltage Regulator-1

  8. Transistor BC547-4

  9. LED-1

  10. Diode IN4728 -1

  11. Capacitor -2

  12. Resistor

    • ​​560 -1

    • 4.7k -1

    • 1k -3

    • 10k -3

Working of this DIY Project

Wet sensor is basically a moisture sensor which will be detecting whether the baby has made the bed wet or not. If yes then a LED will glow. The wet sensor has a porous structure which when comes in contact with water or moisture will become conductive and glows the LED. This section is for the wetting part.

The second section in the block diagram is for, when the baby cries. The mike will act as a sound sensor which will become active as the baby starts crying. A musical IC has been connected to the output of the mike. This will produce musical notes to pamper the baby till it get settle down.

The force sensor is to detect whether the baby has woken or not. Force sensor will experience a force due to the uneasiness of the baby to get up. This will in turn initiate a buzzer to turn on so that the person gets notified about the fact the baby is awake.


Hope you will develop this small DIY project and have good learning experience through it. This DIY Project is a basic one and using it as base you can go on developing higher end DIY projects. 

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