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This project aims to monitor forest. This network allows remote monitoring of different locations as well as communication between each of the sensors with the control stations. This project is designed with microcontroller (PIC), LCD, fire sensor, smoke sensor and RF/ ZIGBEE, ultrasonic detector and a camera. Using this, we can check the wild animals and the wild forest such that we can monitor deforestation, wild fire etc. Wildfire is a natural process that threatens forest values including timber supplies, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. Reducing the risk of wildfire is a critical issue for minimizing endangered animal losses, protecting forest resources and maintaining the sustainability of local forestry-based community’s .The project involves designing and developing sensor network and a main node. The sensor nodes monitor temperature in the forest areas and then the data will send to the main node using RF/ZIGBEE. For finding the temperature we can use temperature sensor LM35. It is a 3 pin IC which will give temperature as analog values.If the fire is detected LCD in the main node displays the damaged node (fired area) and then an emergency message is send to the fire station. A fire sensor makes use of IR sensor and comparator to detect fire. The ultrasonic detector will detect the movement of wild animals and the wireless camera will be turned on. It will send the video to the main node. The GSM modem can be sim900 based modules.



WSN block diagram

                                                             Fig 1: Wireless sensor network

Main Node

Main Node block diagram

                            Fig 2: Main Node Block diagram


  2. XBee Holder DB9 Serial Type
  3. GSM Modem
  4. Ultra Sonic Sensor
  5. Wireless Camera
  6. Fire Sensor
  7. Temperature Sensor :-LM 35
  8. LCD
  9. Buzzer
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