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Robotic field is advancing day by day. We use robotics to perform even more complex task. Here in this project we propose a new idea to utilize the advancement in the robotic field. The robot is having multi sensors and can be used in various applications where humans have security problem. This multi sensor robot is having different sensor attached to the microcontroller. The sensors include smoke sensor, fire sensor, temperature sensor, gas sensor and metal detector. The robot can be used in many applications such as war field, coal mine etc. These sensors will send their values to microcontroller and we can display it in the Bluetooth device. We can also use a buzzer which will make sound if anything undesirable happens. The robot can be controlled by Bluetooth and it will go to the places where humans can’t move and will make buzzer sound at the location where it finds any danger.

Project Description of Bluetooth Controlled Robot

In this project we have a robot is controlled by Bluetooth module. We can use Bluetooth module 2.0 for that. For finding the temperature we can use temperature sensor LM35. It is a 3 pin IC which will give temperature as analog values.  For detecting the smoke, we can use MQ2 Smoke Sensor Module. A fire sensor is used for detecting fire.  A fire sensor makes use of IR sensor and comparator to detect fire.  For detecting the gas we can use MQ 135. To detect the metal in the robot path, we can use K1208065 Metal Detection Sensor Module. All the sensor outputs are analogue and we have to connect the sensor module to the ADC port of the controller to read the output. For Bluetooth communication we use RS 232 communication protocol.

Block Diagram of Bluetooth controlled Robot

Block Diagram

Components Required to develop Bluetooth Controlled Robot

  1. Microcontroller
  2. Bluetooth Module 2.0
  3. Metal detector
  4. Temperature Sensor
  5. LM 35
  6. Fire Sensor
  7. Smoke Sensor
  8. Gas Sensor
  9. Buzzer
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