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This project aims at the security of the women. In many offices like bpo’s, female employees are working till late night. The companies are also providing cab facility to the employees. But the security for them is not enough. For that, we propose a cab monitoring system that ensures the safety of the female employees. This project has two units:-  Cab unit and company unit.  The location of the Cab can be monitored using a GPS module attached to the Cab.  In our proposed car unit we have a RFID card reader, GPS module, GSM module and a relay module. When the female employee enters the car, she has swipe her RFID card in the car unit. At that time, a message will be sent to the company comprising the location, employee ID, and Cab number. If the employee finds herself in trouble, she can press a button in the car unit. At that time microcontroller detects the signal and will sent a message to both company and police control room. The message will have location, employee ID, and Cab number. At the same time, microcontroller will also send a signal to the relay unit which will turn off the car ignition & stop the car. The company unit consist of a GSM modem for receiving the messages and one PC for monitoring the message.

Project Description

In this project we have 2 main units, Car unit and Company unit. The Car unit consists of GPS module, GSM module, RFID reader module, emergency button and relay. GSM based messaging can be done with GSM modules that are available. For that we can have SIM900 based modules. For tracking the location we use GPS Modem- GR87or any other GPS modules. Employee Identity can be found using RFID card reader module. LCD can be either 4 bit or 8 bit depending upon the availability. RS 232 is the recommended standard for serial communication. We can use a relay module for stopping the car. We can use 12v relay for that. The emergency button can be a push button, so that the employee can easily access. The Company unit consist of a GSM modem and PC. The communication of GSM with PC takes place through RS 232 communication protocol.

Car unit block diagramcompany unit block diagram

Components Required

  1. Microcontroller
  2. GSM Modem
  3. GPS Module
  4. RFID Reader
  5. LCD
  6. Relay
  7. RFID Card
  8. Emergency Button
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