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Electricity meter reading is a great headache in these days. In the existing system, the reader come to our home and takes the meter reading. In some houses, the meter will be inside and if the family members are not there, they can’t take the reading. To solve this problem, we propose a new method which the user can select whether to use postpaid or prepaid billing. For prepaid customers, they have to recharge before they use the electricity. When the user consumes electricity, the balance in the users account will get reduced according to the consumption. If the balance is low, we will send a sms to the user reminding him to recharge as soon as possible. When the balance become zero we will cut the electricity connection and using a relay and the user have to recharge for further access. For postpaid customers we can implement a Bluetooth module, so that the reader can take the reading from outside without entering the house. Our Microcontroller will generate the electricity bill and the reader can access the bill using his/her android phone.

Project Description

This project mainly contains GSM modem for prepaid customers and a Bluetooth module for postpaid customers. The GSM modem can be SIM900 based modules. The GSM modem will receive messages when the user recharges and will add the amount recharged to the balance amount. This should be stored in EEPROM. Otherwise when the system power fails, the values will get reset. For postpaid customers we use Bluetooth module for taking the reading. We can use Bluetooth module 2.0 for this. The microcontroller will calculate the reading by itself and send to the reader through Bluetooth. LCD can be used to display the current readings.

Block Diagram

Components Required

  1. Microcontroller
  2. Bluetooth Module
  3. GSM Modem
  4. LCD
  5. Relay


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