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Everything around us is smart. So we need our vehicle to be getting smart. Our smart vehicle is having anti-theft tracking system, accident spot identification, alcohol detection and also has fuel tank indication. For anti-theft we want a GPS and GSM module. If we found that our vehicle is missing, we will send a sms to the unit in the vehicle and we will get a reply message from the unit that contains the location of the vehicle. If any accident happens to the vehicle we will send a sms to the dear ones as well as to the police control room informing that an accident had occurred. The message will contain the date, time and location of the accident. And also we have alcohol detection system that will detect whether the driver is drunk. If the driver is drunk, the smart vehicle will not get start. The fuel tank reading will be shown in the LCD display.

Project description

Smart vehicle project contains 4 mian parts.

1. Anti-theft tracking system

2. Accident spot identification

3. Alcohol detection

4. Fuel tank indication

This project can be done using pic 18f series controllers. GSM based messaging can be done with GSM modules that are available. For that we can have SIM900 based modules. For tracking the location we use GPS Modem- GR87or any other GPS modules. For accident detection we usually use Vibration Sensor Module. To detect the fuel tank reading we can use either resistive or capacitive level sensor to detect the current fuel reading. LCD can be either 4 bit or 8 bit depending upon the availability.

The main advantage of this project is the detailed monitoring of our vehicle. It is having anti-theft protection system and we can also track the vehicle and can find its exact location.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Components Required

  1. Microcontroller
  2. Vibration Sensor Module
  3. GPS Module
  4. GSM Module
  5. Gas Detector Module
  6. Petrol Level Sensor
  7. LCD
  8. Buzzer
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