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This project presents an automated system which is used for tsunami occurrence detection and gives an alert to the area in text message form. The project will create a warning system which will prevent loss of life and property. In this project the occurrence of Tsunami can be predicted in wireless manner. Thus early detection of Tsunami gives us a chance to take preventive measures so that loss of life and property can be reduced. Microcontroller senses the input from sensors and sends the warning to the receiver using Zigbee module. The receiver end also consists of a microcontroller connected to Zigbee. This microcontroller upon receiving warning message from the transmitter will broadcast Tsunami alert to the population in harbor area via text notification using GSM.

Project description

This project is designed with Microcontroller, Sensors, GSM and ZIGBEE module.            

The project has got transmitter section and receiver section. The transmitter section is put on water bed that will sense pressure variation in the ocean. The piezoelectric pressure sensor used is piezoelectric disc sensor that sense pressure. These sensor values are provided to input of microcontroller. The transmitter pin of microcontroller is interfaced with receiver pin of Zigbee module. A pair of Zigbee module (ZB Series2) is used and utilized as router XBee and coordinate XBee. These modules are generally connected in a mesh network.

Receiver section has got Zigbee module, microcontroller and GSM unit. The microcontroller connects Zigbee module to GSM module. GSM module used is Subscriber Identity Module SIM300. It is operating at 900MHz frequency.

Block Diagram

Transmitter Section

Transmitter section

Receiver Section

Receiver Section



2.       XBee Module Series 1

3.       GSM Modem SIM 300

4.       Vibration Sensor

5.       Piezoelectric disc sensor

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