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The main objective of this project is to help the victim to reach hospital in time through ambulance and avoid delay caused by traffic block.

Road accidents are increasing at a higher rate in urban areas. The loss of human life due to accident can be avoided if proper help is provided timely. Traffic congestion is the main obstacle to save  the human life. The ambulance can't reach its destination due to the growing traffic congestion. Vehicles are increasing day by day and as a result traffic congestion increases which cannot be controlled very easily. Thus in that scenario it is important to give priority to ambulance when an accident is occurred. This project has that capability to give priority to ambulance and help the victim to reach hospital within the short time.

Project Description

This project is designed with Microcontroller, LCD, UART, Sensors, GPS and RF module. In this system the MEMS is used to sense any vibrations such accidents. The GPS receives the position of the vehicle and these parameters are fed to the controller, the controller transmits these parameters through GSM to the PC in the control section. In control section we can find the position of the accident vehicle. The parameters also displays through LCD. The ambulance is controlled by control unit which provide route to ambulance and controls traffic light according to traffic light according to ambulance location, thus reaching hospital very soon. The system consists of three main units

  • Vehicle Unit
  • Ambulance Unit
  • Traffic Unit

When a vehicle met with accident then an alert message will be sent to ambulance section. Thus message reaches to nearby ambulance. The vehicle accident is observed by MEMS and microcontroller helps to send message by RF communication. GPS Modem- GR87 provides latitude and longitude information about vehicle location to ambulance unit. In ambulance section, microcontroller will send signals to traffic unit through RF communication. Thus when ambulance reaches before traffic signal, traffic signal will be made green. Thus patient can reach hospital within time, can save a life.

Block Diagram 

Vehicle Unit

Vehicle Unit

Server Side

Sever Side

Ambulance Unit

Ambulance Unit

Components Required

  1. Microcontroller
  2. GPS Modem- GR87
  3. 433MHz ASK RF Transmitter Receiver
  4. 2A SPDT ON OFF ON Rocker Switch
  5. LCD Display 16*1 Green
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