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The aim of this project is to save electricity used by iron box by incorporating a microcontroller based circuit inside it. The circuit includes an LCD display for displaying the current temperature of the iron box, status of the iron box, and mode.
power saver iron box


Initially, when the power is on, the iron box is on for about 10 seconds. After that it will be off. The current temperature of the iron box is displayed on the LCD screen along with ON/OFF status. The temperature which corresponds to particular type of dress material to be ironed is also displayed.Afterwards if we push the push switch on the iron box, it will be on for a predefined time period(for example 10 seconds) after we release the switch. If we keep the switch pressed also, the iron box will be powered on. This will be helpful to save unwanted waste of electricity by keeping the iron box on for the whole amount of time.
The PIC16F877A microcontroller is the heart of the circuit. By using the internal ADC of this controller, the analog voltage output of the LM35 temperature sensor is converted to digital and displayed on the LCD module. Also the status of the relay and the type of dress to be ironed according to the temperature level is displayed on LCD. By attaching this microcontroller based unit to existing iron box will help to reduce wastage of electricity.

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