Some engineering projects based on Matlab, arduino, embedded, PIC are listed below. 

1. Wireless sensors network in the efficient management of greenhouse crops

2  Design of intelligent residential lighting control system based on zigbee wireless sensor network and fuzzy controller

3  Bluetooth energy meter(e)

4 Localization of wireless sensor networks in the wild: pursuit of ranging quality

5 Implementation of wireless sensors network for wild fire monitoring system.

6 Centralized heart rate monitoring telemetry system using zigbee wireless   sensor  network

7 Enhancing mine safety with wireless sensor networks using zigbee technology

8 Hand data glove: a new generation real-time mouse for human-computer interaction

9 Wireless automation of unmanned railway crossing gate alert system

10 Remote control s/m of high efficiency & intelligent street lightening using a zigbee n/w of devises & sensors.

11 A new type of automatic alarming device to rescue accident injured in time.

12 Automatic ambulance rescue s/m.

13 Automatic irrigation with wireless weather monitoring

14 Smart zone based vehicle speed control system based on rf

15 Wireless black box using mems accelerometer and gps tracking for accidental investigation

16 Design and development of the wireless sensor node for   traffic flow surveillance

17 Multisensor - smoke, fire, temperature, gas, metal & intruder based security robot 

18 Real-world sensor network for long-term volcano monitoring: design and findings

19 Gsm and rf based fire and intruder detection system from highly secured areas.  

20 Remote home security system based on wireless sensor network and gsm technology

21 Wireless based railway bridge damage or track fault notification with alarm systems

22 Design and deployment of a robust remote river level sensor network

23 Design of landslide warning system

24 Design and implementation of a sensor network system for vehicle tracking and autonomous interception

25 Secured wireless communication for industrial automation     and control

26 An advanced wireless sensor network for health monitoring

27 Field variables monitoring in real time (gps, soil moisture, temperature) with precision farming applications

28 Bus monitoring system based on zigbee and GPS

29 Remote-control systems of high efficiency and intelligent street lighting using a zigbee network of devices and sensors

30 Low power wireless sensor network for building monitoring

31 Wireless sensor networks for tsunami prediction

32 Wireless pollution monitoring system

33 Cockpit white box

34 A fire detection and rescue support framework with wireless sensor networks

35 A landslide monitoring technique based on dual-receiver & phase difference measurements

36 A reliable transmission protocol for zigbee – based wireless patient monitoring

37 A robust wearable health monitoring system based on wsn

38 A scheme for the application of smart message language in a wireless meter reading system

39 A wi-fi based smart wireless sensor network for monitoring an agricultural environment

40 A wireless sensor network for greenhouse climate control

41 A zigbee-based wireless wearable electronic nose using flexible printed sensor array

42 Zigbee based intelligent driver assistance system

43 Intelligent traffic signal control using wireless sensor networks

44 Wireless weather monitoring station

45 Sensor network based oil well health monitoring and intelligent control

46 Wireless scada system

47 Environment monitoring and device control using arm based embedded controlled sensor network

48 Multichannel super frame scheduling for ieee 802154 industrial wireless sensor networks#

49 Hi-tech runway

50 Infant incubator parameter sensing & monitoring through zigbee wireless

51 Intelli public transport system – bus status – arriving / leaving / breakdown indication system in the bus stop

52 Intelligent e-police & traffic violation automatic recorder system for modern city traffic using most advanced wireless sensor technology in real time

53 Gsm based message moving display

54 Design of concealed alarm system based on gsm

55 Smart shirt.

56 Super-lock: next generation auto theft prevention system using smart gravitational lock, cryptographic keyless entry, touchscreen ignition, ubiquitous vehicle tracking, gps fencing and remote fuel cut-off

57 Advanced electronic stability control (esc) with anti and crash location sensing using gsm

58 Ambulance root search on internet.

59 Automated control system for air pollution detection in vehicles

60 Bounded constrained filtering for gpsins integration

61 Advanced gsm based theft vehicle identifying system using remote pc

62 Gps-gsm integration for enhancing public transportation management services

63 Routing and tracking system for mobile vehicles in large area

64 Gps and gsm based real-time vehicle tracking on google earth

65 The intelligent copilot - a constraint-based approach to shared-adaptive control of ground vehicles

 66 Gps based office cab monitoring system very useful for the safety of female employees

67 Ups battery management for industry using gsm.

68 Intelligent system for hazardous gas, human detection and temperature monitor control using gsm technology

69 Gps and gsm based biomedical wearable device for remote monitoring of physiological signals

70 Deep sea fishermen patrol system for coastal intruder positioning

71 Vidyuth the smart energy meter

72 Black box for ground vehicles

73 Dam  vibration detection and fault messaging system

74 Complete monitoring and anti theft alert system for bank lockers

75 Smart vehicle system - gps gsm based vehicle theft and collision detection system

76 Three dimensional password authentication in atm networks**

77 Smart home surveillance system

78 Railway track crack detecting vehicle

79 Sms-based telemedicine system

80 Runway navigation system 

81 Hydra analyser cum logger

82 Monitoring and transmission of heavy vehicles parameters using fixed cellular terminal

83 Sms services for emergency warning systems

84 Bts: bus tracking system.

85 Dc motor speed and direction control over gsm mobile/modem(e)

86 Smoke detection and auto intimation using gsm.

87 Real time sms based hashing scheme securing  financial transactions for atm terminal

88 Wireless metal detecting robot

89 Alive human detection spy robot

90 Smart tanker robot for security operations in the protected area with wireless secured communication

91 Voice controlled & activated wheel chair robot for physically challenged

92 Sms based robot control

93 Lobot low-cost, self-contained localization of small-sized ground robotic vehicles

94 Cooperative wireless-based obstacle object mapping and see-through capabilities in robotic networks

95 Design and development of digital pid controller for dc motor drive system using embedded platform for mobile robot

96 Snake robot – serpentine robot for industrial inspection and surveillance

94 Ant robot

95 A compact &compliant external pipe climbing robot.

96 Eye ball controlled automatic wheel chair#

97 Boatbot

98 Autonomous robot with artificial vision for obstacle detection

99 Wall follower robot with the help of multiple artificial eyes

100 Human rescuing spy robot at disaster zone with person identification   

101 Oil spill robot    

102 Library robot - path guiding robotic system with artificial intelligence using microcontroller

103 Complete home automation using android smart phone.

104 Smart energy meter using android smart phone. 

105 Implementation of children tracking system on android mobile.

106 Industrial automation using android smart phone.

107 Vehicle locking/unlocking system using gsm and android smart phone. 

108 Dc motor speed control using android smart phone. 

109 Gsm robot control android smart phone.

110 Home security system using  android smart phone

111 Automatic energy reading through power line communication

112 Digital home management using powerline communication

113 Can protocol enabled multi-region monitoring and control system.

114 A semi-automated positioning system for contact-mode atomic force microscopy 

115 A topology based model for railway train control systems

116 Aided navigation techniques for indoor and outdoor unmanned vehicles

117 An interactive rfid-based bracelet for airport luggage tracking system

118 Automated urban drinking water supply control and water theft identification system 

119 Characterization of rice paddies by a uav-mounted miniature hyperspectral sensor system

120 Contingency planning over probabilistic obstacle predictions for autonomous road vehicles

121 Controlling a human-computer interface system with a novel classification method that uses electrooculography signals

122 Data-based modeling of vehicle crash using adaptive neural-fuzzy inference system*

123 Efficient traffic state estimation for large-scale urban road network

124 Ethernet enabled digital i/0 control in embedded systems

125 Fall detection by built-in tri axes accelerometer on smartphone

126 Gestures for industry intuitive human-robot communication from human observation

127 Design and implementation of real time embedded tele-health monitoring system

128 Driver fatigue detection using machine vision approach

129 Digital vehicle speedometer with password enabled speed limit setting.

130 News tracker :scrolling led display

131 Intel-skull: augmented reality helmet for road hazard warning, wireless bike authentication and traffic adaptive mp3 playback

132 Handicom - handheld deaf and dumb communication device based on gesture to voice and speech to image word translation with sms sending and language

133 I protect – integrated vehicle tracking and communication system with vehicle command unit – an ultimate tool for tracking, real time monitoring*

134 Intelligent train system – automation, collision avoidance, signal / unmanned controlling, moving message display, voice annunciation*

135 Wireless ai based fire fighting robot for relief operations with two way communication

136 Development of smart notice board – active information display systems 

137 Fingerprint and rfid based multi usage card system - design and implementation

138 Automated car parking system with automatic gate opener

139 Dish position controlling and monitoring system used for radar & other telecommunication applications

140 Implementation of secured black box in aircraft

141 3d shopping

142 Microcontroller based solar charger using mppt.

143 Pc controlling scrolling display.

144 Application of temperature compensated ultrasonic ranging for blind person &verification using matlab.

145 Rfid&gsm based intelligent courier mailbox s/m with automatic delivery notification.

146 Touch screen based nurse/attendant calling s/m for physically impaired.

147 Voice operated intelligent lift.

148 Drop coin and get power.

149 Touch screen controlled robot.

150 Mouse movement using speech &non speech characteristics of human voice

151 Automatic anesthesia controller using heart beat sensor

152 Voice controlled driving automation

153 Can based smart car security system

154 Can based industrial automation

155 Mems accelerometer based nonspecific-user hand gesture recognition 

156 Design and development of a hand-glove controlled wheel chair

157 Minimal grasper: a practical robotic grasper with robust performance for pick-and-place tasks 

158. Mobile phones  as seismologic sensors automating data extraction for the ishake system

159. Multi sensor railway track geometry surveying system

160. Online control of fuzzy based mine detecting robot using virtual instrumentation 

161. Rfid based tracking system preventing trees extinction and deforestation 

162. Tongue-rudder:a glossokinetic-potential-based tongue–machine interface

163. Voice enabled devices switching for visually impaired

164. Effective solar tracking system for optimal power generation

165. Effective navigation for visually impaired by wearable obstacle avoidance system 

166. Interactive rfid based bracelet for airport luggage tracking s/m.

167. Prototype of an underground multistoried automated car parking s/m.

168. Intelligent technologies for self sustaining rfid based rural e-health s/m.

169. Prototype of a fingerprint based licensing s/m for driving.

170. Gesture controlled device

171. Fuzzy logic based speed control of dc motor

172. Autonomous solar powered irrigation system

173. A smart prepaid energy metering system to control electricity theft

174. Fuzzy logic based traffic density controller

175. Room light control using fuzzy logic. 

176. Pid based motor speed control. 

177. Temperature -pid control system

178. Accelerometer-based body sensing for healthy aging

179. Ethernet protocol based automatic temperature measurement and control

180. Dumb  aid telephone system with gesture to voice conversion  and transmission

181. Pendrive to pendrive and mobile data transfer without pc using arm processor

182. Finger print based digital locker security

183. A basic digital watermarking algorithm in discrete cosine transformation domain

184. A more secure steganography method in spatial domain

185. A novel method of image steganography in dwt domain

186. Vertical edge based car license plate detection method

187. A novel robust watermarking algorithm based on two levels dct and two levels svd

188. A novel trust region tracking algorithm based on kernel density estimation

189. Design & classification of apple fruit diseases using  complete locally binary pattern

190. A steganographic method based on the jpeg digital images

191. Adaptive image watermarking algorithm based on biorthogonal wavelet transform

192. An advanced motion detection algorithm with video quality analysis for video surveillance systems

193. Boosting color feature selection for color face recognition

194. Boosting text extraction from biomedical images using text region detection

195. Data hiding in motion vectors of compressed video based on their associated prediction error

196. Discrete wavelet transform-based satellite image resolution  enhancement

197. Efficient relevance feedback for content-based image retrieval by mining user navigation patterns

198. Image based secret communication using double compression

199. Image segmentation using kernel fuzzy c-means clustering on level set method on noisy images

200. Motion and feature based person tracking in surveillance videos

201. Neural network based handwritten character recognition system without feature extractio

202. Number plate recognition for use in different countries using an improved segmentation

203. Face recognition using gabor filters and local binary patterns

204. Image segmentation and classification for highway traffic symbol recogntion

205. Wavelet domain remote sensing satellite image sharpening

206. Forest detection and enhancement of remote sensing satellite  images

207. Illumination invariant human face recognition using transform domain magnitude correction

208. Binary data hiding based biometric authentication system

209. A highly secure steganographic scheme for medical and military images

210. Image noise removal from random valued salt and pepper noise using directional filtering

211. Satellite image enhancement using image modulation function**

212. Randomization and integer mapping based lossless watermarking of images

213. Selective blurring of image content using gaussian model - application to film making

214. Object removal and filling of missing region in images

215 Comparative study of image segmentation techniques and object matching using segmentation

216 Image retrieval from database using color quantization

217 Background detection and image enhancement of poorly lighted images#

218 Transform domain color image enhancement using discrete cosine transform

219 Two-stage hierarchical image segmentation using k-means algorithm and color space conversion

220 Moving object segmentation in video sequences using time-frequency representation

221 Genetic algorithm based image noise removal

222 Lossless color-space conversion of images

223 Digital image processing techniques for the detection of cracks in digitized paintings

224  Removal of artifacts from jpeg compressed document images

225 Multifocus image fusion using lswt ,enhancement of fused image using dwt,swt,svd transfer  technique and integer wavelet technique

226 Reed – solomon error detection and correction system 

227 Huffman encoder and decoder – a data compression technique

228 Design of low-cost high-performance floating-point fused multiply-add with reduced power

229 A high-speed 32-bit signed/unsigned pipelined multiplier

230 An efficient implementation of floating point multiplier

231 A blind digital watermarking algorithm based on wavelet transform

232 Design of low power and high speed configurable booth multiplier

233 High speed asic design of complex multiplier using vedic mathematics

234 A new reversible design of bcd adder

235 A very fast and low power carry select adder circuit

236 An efficient architecture design for vga monitor controller 

237 An implementation of a 2d fir filter using the signed-digit number system

238 Low-power and area-efficient carry select adder

239 Multiplierless algorithm for multivariate gaussian random number generation using fpga’s.

240 GSM based Smart home and digital notice board
241 A ZigBee based energy efficient environmental monitoring alerting and controlling system
242 Design and implementation of a system access control by RFID
243 Smart pass automation system
244 Smart real-time healthcare monitoring and tracking system using GSM/GPS technologies
245 Homebuilt: A Glove-Operated Robot
246 Design of Embedded based automated meter reading system for real time processing
247 Smart traffic light control system
248 Attendance generating system using RFID and GSM