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Heartbeat sensor, a simple electronics DIY project can be used easily at instant situations. The purpose of this heartbeat sensor is to continuously detect the heartbeat rates. More clearly we can say that, the kit is used to hear the sound of heartbeats. The cost of this simple DIY project is really cheap and this simple electronics circuit can be implemented easily by students and electronics hobbyist.


Detecting the heartbeat rate at home without special attention is the major advantage of this simple electronics DIY project . The kit consist mainly a sensor, low frequency preamplifier, power amplifier a speaker or a headphone and a PCB board. This simple DIY project uses a buzzer with a piezoelectric element to act as a sensor. This element is cheap and is based upon the reverse principle of piezoelectricity were the mechanical vibrations due to heart is converted into electric signals. The signal output obtained from the sensor is amplified using a single stage low frequency preamplifier and then further amplified using a power amplifier in the DIY project.

This simple electronics DIY project - Heartbeat Sensor, uses a good quality speaker or headphone to hear the heartbeat rate sound. If a speaker is being used it should be placed close to the ear for proper hearing. The sensor used in the simple electronics DIY project - Heartbeat Sensor,  must be placed correctly near the heart for good output. By varying the presets in the circuit we can improve the clarity of the heartbeat rate sound. This simple DIY project is handy to use and requires only a power supply of 9 to 12V DC. Also the heartbeat sensor simple project prefers the use of battery or regulated power supply and short input wires. The DIY project - HeartBeat Sensor will be more attractive and interesting as a mini project.



  • R1, R2 : 100Ω
  • R3 : 680Ω
  • R4 : 39K
  • R5 : 2.2K
  • R6 : 100K
  • P1 : 10K
  • P2 : 5K


  • C1 : 470uF/ 16V
  • C2,C7 : 220µF/25V
  • C3,C4 : 100Kpf
  • C5,C8,C11 : 10µF/25V
  • C6 : 1Kpf
  • C9 : 1µF/50V
  • C10 : 10Kpf


  • U1 : 386
  • Q1 : BC 549C


  • IC Base : 8Pin
  • Buzzer : 35mm 2C/O with wire
  • Supply : 9V Snapper
  • PCB


  • Heartbeat Sensor can be used to detect the heartbeat rate of patients at hospitals and homes instantly.

  • Heartbeat Sensor is good to use at urgent situations that can take place at sports fields and while travelling.


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