Nano RAM

NRAM is a computer memory technology invented by University of bologna, California. This was one of the best innovations in the field of RAM, which was achieved with the help of carbon like nanotubes which were  placed on the memory chip substrate. The theory of this technology is plain and simple; with the help of the carbon nano structure the computer’s RAM would be able to bring space for a huge amount of memory. Nano RAM is even known as Nantero, which is derived from the non-volatile feature of the NRAM. The power of this comes from the Nano-motor; this is a skeptical motor that provides constant energy to RAM while working without using any other type of energy. This motor is powered by sunlight (as carbon acts as a sensitive atom against sun), so that the RAM can function seamlessly, without extra fuel consumption.

Working of Nano RAM

The targeting area of the Nano RAM is the silicon ridges. This is the point where the carbon nanotubes are structured on the RAM. Now with the help of the multiple charges, the tube starts acting at opposite positions which forms zero and one. Since, the carbon nanotubes are too small, too just a little amount of charge can excite the particles in just a second. This makes the tubes a thousand times, more efficient and better than the usual copper that is used in the RAM. Soon, the carbon tube arrives at its specific position then, it stays there, until and unless the signal resets the tube. One thing can be noted here, that the bit of the memory is not stored in itself rather; they are stored just as the position of the tube. This technology is structured under the lattice work of the zigzag nanotubes. When, the charges alter at one point then this can either cause, the structural tubes to bind together or to separate depending upon the position that is formed, the basic position are zeros and ones that are traced as the memory of the computer.   

Position and Structure of Nano Tubes

When the nanotubes are designed in perpendicular manner, here one point of the tube is negative and the other point of the tube is positive. This difference in the charge makes the two ends of the Nano carbon to bend together and form a structure. If both the ends have the same charge then they will repel each other, and because of this repulsion the nanotubes will form a position that appears in the form of ones. As mentioned earlier, when the charges at the two ends are different then the carbon nanotubes will combine together which will form the shape of a zero. The chip or the RAM format will stay the same (earlier position created) until and unless other external electrical charge acts upon it. This means, even when one will turn the computer off then also the memory in the Nano RAM will not be deleted.

Advantages of Nano RAM Over Usual RAMS

  • NRAM is quite effective than the usual RAM in terms of size and capacity too.
  • They are inexpensive, because of the memory density that they offer.
  • NRAM does not require any type of power, for refreshing the stored memory. Even, when the power is turned off the memory is still placed in the NRAM.
  • NRAM requires runs on just one fourth fraction of power which is used by the usual RAM.
  • The speed of the Nano RAM is faster and can work to bring longer battery life for devices.

Future Developments of Nano RAM

Though, Flash Memory has been one of the best storage memory types for devices, yet the foundation of Nano RAM is here to change that thought. The only tough thing that the technological world is facing today that almost 98% of the devices are equipped with the DRAMS or the usual flash RAMS. So, the work of the engineers are now to popularize this form of technology so that it can be manufactured by the makers of various electrical devices that use RAM as a storage sector. This is definitely going to be a big move, as the so called older RAM will be replaced with the synthesized inorganic Nano-RAM. The size of this NRAM which is 50,000 times smaller than the width of the usual RAM makes it a challenge for the developers to install the RAM inside the device. But, with perfected skills and proper tools for installation, in near future we will soon be able to witness a developing era of NRAMS where every device will be equipped with the best RAM of the century that works with perfection.