Smart Watch

Smart watch holds the appearance of a normal watch, but is quite different from them. These watches act just like your personalized digital tool, that will help you to check the functionalities of your phone anytime and anywhere you want.  The old models of these kind of watch have the ability to translate, calculate and even have game-playing applications too, but the latest S-Watches are much more than that.

Smart Watch

The current S-watch is termed as watch phones, because this gives the user the ability to call and receive call from the watch itself. This leaves the chaos of carrying your phone every time with your hands, as your S-Watch are here to do the trick. This is a style of watch that takes care of the privacy of the user and makes sure that the owner of the watch can use it with optimum security. Along with that, the sensors that are equipped in the watch allow the user to spontaneously receive any SMS, Call, Social Feeds and E-mails too, with just a simple touch and slide. The technology that is used in the making of these smart watches is just the same as the Smartphone. 

Working of Smart Watch

Working of Smart Watch

The first digital watch came into existence in the year 1972; this watch was engineered by the Hamilton Watch Company. It was the world’s first ever smart technology designed in the form of a watch. Soon, with the popularity of these watches grew several companies could realize its importance and introduced watches from their factory some of these companies were Seiko and Pulsar. These watches had external keyboards which were used to enter the data. This data was synchronized with the help of electro-magnetic coupling, which gave these watches the ability to store about 2000 different characters. And finally in the year 1980s Casio brought its brand new wristwatch that had the ability to perform calculations and games too. 

Development in Smart Watch- 2013 to 2014

Development in Smart Watch

There is a lot that has been changed in the year 2013 and 2014 for these tiny smart watches.  In 2013, several research giants like the Avi Greengart entitled the year as the year of “Smart watch”.  This was the time when the components that were used in the making of the watches were much cheaper and advance. Best thing, is that many consumers had the Smartphone that were compatible with these sorts of S-Watches. Till now there are endless numbers of companies which are engaged in the development of these S-Watches s some of these companies include Acer, Apple, BlackBerry, Google, Sony, Samsung, Foxconn/Hon Hai, Toshiba, Nokia, HTC, HP, LG, Microsoft and Lenovo too. 

Applications of the Smart Watches

There are two basic applications of these watches which are

Cloud Based Application: This is a system that allows the user to carry out complex algorithms in their S-Watches, such as calculation, and gaming too. Moreover, this is the vital tool that actually makes the usual watch a smart watch.

Smartphone Application: Just as the name of this application suggests this system that allows the user to connect their Smartphone with their watch. This can be done to carry out the functions of the phone using the watch. For instance, when you are busy at a meeting then you can just keep your phone aside and carry your S-Watch on your wrist and when you need to text something then all you have to do is just touch or slide down the SMS option and type out what you want and send it, this is as simple as that. No complex procedures and no complex tools are required to use this application.

Future of Smart Watch- What More Can One Expect?

The current world of Smart watch is ruled by Sony watches, which has recently released its second version of S-Watch series, the second version is quite different from the first one in many ways. The first Sony S-Watch or the SW1 was released with an idea

Future Application

to bring an economical watch for almost everyone. But, the SW2 which is the second version of these watches is just the opposite and holds a wide screen which is about 1.5inch with a retina ready display. Talking about the real future of the S-Watches then there is a lot that we are going to witness, with the anticipation of LG watches designed with Moto 360 tech going sky high, people are just waiting when they can grab their hands on them. There will be some seamless developments in the future such as the size of the watch will increase with time, and along with that, the battery life will be made efficient so that it will be able to handle the complex process that will take place inside your S-Watch.