Android v/s Windows


Though, the Operating System (OS) are launched in the Smartphone that almost look the same but the functionality that they offer are quite different. Now, there are a wide range of handsets that confer the price in accordance to the quality of the phone, but one thing is true that, there is an Android phone for every wallet. This may not be the same for Windows phones, because the price of such phones are little expensive than the minimum Android phones. While choosing a phone in terms of its operational value, which OS stands as the best Android or Windows, read on to find that out.

Android v/s Windows- What is good about Android?

The first thing about Android is that, it’s open source software. This clearly, means that the code that is used in the making of software is available both at the offline and online market licensed by the Apache Licensee, so that those device that hold the outdated or older version of Android, can be updated without any difficulties. The world of Android was built in 2007, and the first ever phone which bestowed the chance to run as an Android phone was HTC Dream, which was launched in 2008. Since, the Android phones owners can update the software all on their own through the available versions, this makes this operating system affordable and feasible, than going for an in-house OS or asking a professional software company to do it.

Android vs. Windows

Wide Range of Options:  The world of Android phones was very soon embraced by some of the leading Smartphone manufacturers like Google, Samsung and Sony too. Google was the second company which adapted the compatibility of Android after HTC. This venture started the Google Nexus series, which was completely based on Android. Typically, each new Nexus that came from the market always had the latest Android version, so that the real Android OS experience does not alter.

Adding Something Extra:  The open source software had yet another benefit and that was, the app developers could develop any type of app and then make them compatible with the latest version of Android, along with that they can even purchase them from the app market too. The major app market that is best for Android apps are Google Play Store and Android App Market, where almost 60% of the apps are free, while just a few apps are charged at minimal rates.     

Android v/s Windows- What is good about Windows Phone?

Windows (OS) is proprietary software, which was developed by Microsoft Cooperation. This was entitled as the next range of OS form windows, earlier OS was known as Windows Mobile Platform but soon this OS was discontinued and currently Windows is the only OS from the Microsoft family. This OS was enriched for the consumer market and not for the enterprise market, but Android was somehow for both. Windows was launched in 2012, but initial statement were made by Microsoft in 2010 at the Mobile World Congress in February 2010, that they are in the heed to launch something extraordinary that will be best for mobile from every platform. In the year 2013 Microsoft came up with an updated version of this software which was termed as the Windows 7. But, the latest model of Nokia Lumia holds Windows 8, which is yet another version of OS from Microsoft.        

What is good about Androids? New Features: The compact versions of the OS, which is Windows 7, had a lot to offer to its consumers. There were some exceptional features like Windows live, Twitter integration, Internet Explorer 9, Skydive access and third party apps. The latest version Windows 8, holds only a few more additional features along with the operations of Windows 7, this value added features include Live Tiles and sleek view.   

Adding Something Extra: Windows phone were always based on huge screens but that was not true for Android phones, as one can find them in small and medium screen sized phones too. But, the interface section of the phone will make every user realize the importance of that huge screen.   

Final Verdict- Windows v/s Android

Windows vs. Android

In terms of user experience Android easily rules the battle. Moreover, Android is an open source OS whereas Windows is a closed source OS, where the copyright of the software is only stored with the developers and is not shared with the manufacturers. This means that, if you have a phone that runs with an old version of Windows, then you can do nothing about it. You have to switchover to another phone that holds the latest Windows 8 version if you are someone who is keen of using the latest and the upgraded OS systems. The final verdict is definitely in favor of Android, but Windows is not that bad either it just lacks a little behind when compared with Android.   

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