Bio battery – The battery of future

Today we are living in the 21st century and the century has changed many of the things. We are living in the world that is full of surprises for us. Every day, we see a lot of new inventions and discoveries and these inventions and discoveries are changing the way we used to live. In past, people used to travel huge miles of distance on their feet or on the animals but now they have cars, aero planes, ships and different modes of transport that can take them from one end of the world to the other end in just a mere of seconds. All this happened due to the wonders of science. The science has not only teen the way we live but it has also changed the way we used to think today at thinking patrons at greatly influenced by the science and its inventions. Among other great discoveries of the science, one of the best discoveries that are providing a great benefit to the human mankind is the bio battery.

Bio Battery

Bio battery

A bio battery is an energy storing device that is capable of storing the energy that can be used for further programs in the future. This battery is powered by the use of organic compounds which are usually in the form of glucose as the glucose is used in the human body. In the process of digestion in the human body, men in the times react on the glucose they break down the glucose in several electrons and protons. The same process is used in the bio battery. In this type of battery the enzymes break down the glucose which ultimately receive energy from it these batteries then store this energy which could be used later for different purposes, the working of bio battery is very similar to the process in which the plants and animals obtain their energy from the glucose. As a matter of fact these batteries are being tested in the laboratories before they can be sell in the market but still a lot of research is being going on these batteries before they can be allowed to sell in the market.


Like all other batteries the bio battery also contains the same type of parts. These parts include

  • Anode
  • Cathode
  • Electrolyte
  • Separator

Structure of Biobattery

These all components are layered on each other so that they pileup together. In the same way like all other batteries in bio battery the anode are the negatives and the cathode are positively charged. The difference in the negative and positive between the anode and cathode allows the electrons to flow in and out of them. The location of the anode is at the top of the battery and the location of the cathode is at the bottom of the battery. In between the anode and cathode is the electrolyte which contains a separator. The main and important function of the separator that it associated to it is to keep the anode and cathode separated from one another. The separation is of great importance at that avoid the electrical short-circuit otherwise the whole battery will burn. The flow of electrons and protons in the system is responsible for the generation of the electricity. As the main source of energy in our bio battery is glucose so plenty of glucose is required to produce the energy. The breakdown of glucose in the bio battery is done on the same principle as it is broken down into smaller and simpler pieces in the human body.


One of the most important advantages that bio battery provides is it allows an instant recharge. This feature is very important in contrast with other batteries. If it is broken down into simpler sentences it means that if there is constant supply of glucose to the bio battery or if the supply of sugar to the bio battery is kept constant then it will automatically recharge itself without any external power supply. Other important advantages that are associated with the bio batteries at that these batteries are a source of nonflammable and non-toxic fuel. The hazards of fuel on the environment are known by everybody so it increases the importance of bio battery in our surrounding as it helps in cleaning of the environment. The bio battery is also a great alternative renewable power source.

               Biobattery Based Mobile Phones   Application of Biobattery


Apart from many advantages to a bio battery, it has also many disadvantages. The conventional batteries that are made up of lithium are able to retain energy for a much longer time. In contrast to such batteries the bio battery is not able to retain the energy for such a long time. This creates a lot of problems when it comes to use the battery for a much longer time as the battery drains energy in a short period of time. It makes the bio battery as unreliable battery to be used for a longer time. A lot of research is being done by the scientist in this field so that they may increase the ability of the bio battery to retain the energy for a much longer time. The other purpose of research is also to make the bio battery replacement of current batteries and the current sources of energy.

Comparison with other batteries

In contrast to other batteries bio battery is a good source of energy as it is very environment friendly to be used. As a bio battery is the lead free battery so it does not cause any harm to the environment in contrast to other conventional batteries. A bio battery is a good source of energy as it uses a nonflammable and the non-toxic fuel. A lot of research needs to be done in the case of a bio battery as it is only in its initial stages of development but if this reliable source of energy is developed it will be a great achievement in the history of science.


Applications of Biobattery

The future of a bio battery is a very bright as a lot of research is being conducted on it. They are a new source of energy that is being considered environmentally friendly. In addition to being environmentally friendly they are also a good reliable news source of energy. Sony is one of the corporation that is constantly working on the bio batteries the corporation is extending many million dollars on the research of this type of battery. The company has also been able to make a bio battery that gives an output power of 50 MW. This power is enough to run one MP3 player. However, Sony is conducting more research on this type of battery and one day these batteries will definitely lead the market.

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