Medical Electronics, Present and Future

Medical Electronics: Present & Future Technology

Death is the ultimate end of the living being. No person in this world can stay alive forever. All accept this ultimate truth. However, the need of the hour is to make the life worth living. It is necessary that while you are alive, you stay healthy and fit. In the old age, people used to have lesser medication and lots of diseases. They would end up suffering from the diseases and ultimately dying a horrible death. Most of the people used to treat their diseases with home remedies that were obviously not much effective. Only some few people would get lucky and get fit and healthy as ever with the help of homemade or natural remedies.

The past was not so bright:

As the time has passed and the human being got better with the technologies, various electronic devices have been introduced to the world of medicine. Where it was almost impossible to treat even a small disease like herpes, now we have found cures of the biggest and most evil diseases like cancer and hepatitis. The latest medical electronics have come up with lots of benefits and advantages. They, obviously, are high in cost and take a major toll on the pocket of the patient yet at the same time they guarantee the future good health of the enduring person. The cost of the health care techniques is definitely higher than what it was before. At the same time, the treatments make sure that the suffering person gets a better and healthy life style. 

Medical Electronics

The present is shining:

The medical electronics have no doubt come a long way. Initially, the medical electronics were always huge and intangible. They were so large that moving them from one place to another was almost impossible. The huge size of the medical electronics also made it difficult for the doctors to use them. Along with that, the major concern was the low rate of precision. One could never get sure about the correctness of the method used to cure a particular disease. This would also make a way to lots of deaths. Initially, whenever a medical electronic is used, the rate of deaths is high. 

Medical Electronics

Advancement of technologies:

People are now educated enough to come up with devices that enhance the level of precision and accuracy. This however, does not come easily. Years of research are required and the researches come with extreme hard work to come up with one new mechanism. The amount of money that is required in each project is extremely high. Most of the countries have allocated a prominent amount of portion to the health sector and the research and development activities. In order to have a proficient health care system for people, one needs to have a huge amount of money.

The present conditions:

Most of the countries have started giving priority to the medical health care of their citizens. Japan is the leading country in this regard. It has allocated a huge amount of money to the information technology and has linked it with the health care.

Innovation is necessary in ever field of life. However, in the field of medicine, it can turn out to be revolutionary. If information technology and health care services continue to work together, they can help each other and the nations by bringing great advancements in the field of medicine. Many technologies have proved to be life changing for people.

3D bioprinting

3D bioprinting is something that has brought a great amount of revolution in the medical perspective. This technology comes up with something that could never be imagined in past. The bioprinting is basically the process through which the tissues of a human body can be literally printed. Tissues can be printed and in the similar manner, complete organs can be brought into the existence. If a person has a ruptured organ, that can be rebuilt with the help of 3D printing. One does not need to get organs from a different body as the tissues from his own body can make new organs.

3D Bioprinting


One of the most advanced medical techniques that are quite successful as well is Robotics. This technology has come up with a ray of hope for the people who are paralyzed. Most of the people who were paralyzed for many years and had almost forgotten how to walk could finally walk with the help of this technique. They do not need to sit on the wheelchairs anymore as the medical science has come up with the perfect solutions for them. It includes the EP system that is also known as enhanced product system.


Electrocardiograph is one of the most revolutionary medical electronics invented in the history of the medical science. This system has not been used that vigorously until now but it comes with a promise of great futures and holds some amazing future prospects. It is basically a device that gauges most of the functional articulations of a human body. It measure the pace maker pulse along with detecting the leads off. It can also protect the defibrillation that might occur in a patient’s body. There are extreme high hopes from this device in terms of the future. 

Pulse trace

Advanced interaction technologies

When a patient meets his doctor, a lot of time is wasted when the doctor examines the paper as well as the electronic record of the patient. This might cause lots of wastage of time if the doctor has many patients to meet. The vitals of the patient can now be checked electrically. The past record of the data as well as the past communication can all be checked automatically. It saves a lot of time. These interaction technologies are now becoming popular in the world of medicine. This advanced system uses the Bluetooth technology. It utilizes the Bluetooth protocols. These protocols are low in the energy requirements. It makes the whole system even more competent and proficient. Batteries that are small in size can also be used in this system.

Medical Electroncis

The future is dazzling

The advancement in the field of medicine has come up with an enhanced level of satisfaction of the patients. Not only for the patients, are these newly invented medical electronics also a ray of hope for doctors. The future of the field of medical science is indeed bright.

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