Interfacing on NXP LPC2378 ARM7 - LCD

MCB2300: NXP LPC2378 ARM7 Development Board

MCB2300 is one of the commonly used NXP LPC2378 ARM7 development board to learn different interfacings and it is used for many ARM project applications. The diagram below shows the board overview. The main components of this board are:

  1. NXP LPC2378 ARM Processor
  2. Ethernet
  3. JTAG facility.
  4. SD Connector.
  5. CAN controllers.
  6. LCD and LEDs.
  7. USB support, potentiometer, reset, speaker and COM ports.

                           MCB2300: NXP LPC2378 ARM7 Development Board

                                                                   MCB2300 - A NXP LPC2378 ARM7 Developmemt Board

NXP LPC2378 ARM Processor

NXP LPC2378 is a 32 bit ARM7 based arm processor. It has great applications in the field of industrial control, medical systems, communication sectors etc. 512 kB flash memory, CAN support, Ethernet and USB 2.0 support, 10 bit ADC and DAC converters are the best features of NXP LPC2378 arm processor.  

Features of NXP LPC2378 ARM Processor

  • NXP LPC2378 is an ARM7TDMI based arm processor. This arm processor has a frequency upto 72MHz.
  • NXP LPC2378 has on-chip based power on reset.
  • 3.3volt power supply.
  • Flash memory of 512 kB with features of ISP (In-system Programming) and IAP (In- Application Programming).
  • 8kB, 16kB, 32kB SRAM support for direct memory access and USB, Ethernet, local bus of ARM respectively.
  • Consists of two AHB (advanced high performance bus).
  • Allows on-chip peripheral functions due to the possibility of versatile pin selection.
  • Consists 10 bit ADC and 10 bit DAC.
  • Ethernet with DMA, USB 2.0 support, 4 UARTs, CAN and SPI support.
  • SD card interface facility.
  • Real time clock, watchdog timer, PWM (pulse width modulator) support.
  • I2C, I2S and other serial interface support.
  • Boundary scan, test and debug interface.
  • Support 32 vectored interrupts using the interrupt controller.
  • LPC2378 has a general purpose DMA controller facility.
  • Presence of synchronous serial port (SSP) controllers.
  • 104 I/O pins for general purpose.
  • Timer/counter support.
  • Consists of Emulation Trace Module.
  • On–chip based Crystal oscillator having a frequency range of 1MHz – 25MHz.
  • Brown out detect and on chip based PLL support.
  • Clock dividers for the peripherals to ensure power saving.
  • Power down modes like Sleep, idle, deep power down, power down modes is available in NXP LPC2378.

How to interface LCD on NXP LPC2378 ARM7?

A liquid crystal display is a flat panel display which works basically by using the light properties of LCs. Through these modules the text message is being displayed on the display.

Circuit Diagram

                            LCD interfacing on NXP LPC2378

                                                                                                         LCD Interfacing on NXP LPC2378 ARM7 

The circuit diagram above shows the LCD interfacing on NXP LPC2378. Pins 24 to 31 of the ARM processor is connected to the respective pins of the LCD.

  • RS- Register Select
  • R/W- Read or Write
  • E - Enable
  • DB0-DB7 - Data pins

Program: Add two numbers and display the result on LCD?

Program Code

Compile the code using KEIL software and use Flash Magic software to download the code to the MCB2300 board.

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