Mobile Phone Jammer- How it works? Application Sectors

A mobile phone jammer is a device that is used to block mobile phones from receiving signals from base stations. The jammer is capable to stop all the wireless connections used by the phone.

How Mobile Jammer works?

A mobile jammer works by causing interference between mobile phone and the base station. More clearly,


J denotes the RF signal coming from the jammer.

M denotes the signal between the cell phone and the tower or base station.

The jammer disrupts the communication by sending ‘J ‘with greater power and at a frequency similar to that of ‘M’. ‘J ‘from the jammer will cause interference to ’M’, thereby making the mobile phone unusable. Mobile phone jammer can work either by disrupting base station to phone frequencies or mobile phone to base station frequencies.

When the mobile jammer comes into ACTIVE mode, most phones show a NO Network signal. And when the jammer comes to OFF mode, the mobile phones will become ACTIVE and provides the required service. Many factors can affect the operation of the mobile phone jammer. Some of them are humidity, temperature, presence of landscape and buildings, tower proximity etc.

Usually, mobile phones are full duplex device types. This means that mobile phones use separate frequencies for listening and talking. Most of the jammers seen today block only one of the frequencies used by mobile phones and provide the effect of preventing both.

Intelligent Cellular Jammer is a type of jamming technique; an RF signal is not transmitted to prevent communication between mobiles and base stations. Here the jammer device acts like a detector. And inorder to communicate with the tower or base station, the jammer device uses an identification number. When the signal is transmitted from the tower to the mobile phone user, the jammer will detect it and signals the base station not to establish a communication. The prevention is done by the software at the base station.

Simple Block Diagram of Mobile Jammer

Block Diagram of Mobile Phone Jammer

The basic devices present in a cell phone jammer are:

  1. Antenna: Mobile jammer uses an antenna to send the RF signal produced in the jammer.
  2. Voltage Controlled Oscillator: It is used to generate the RF signal.
  3. Tuning Circuit: Controls the frequency at which the jammer produces the RF signal.
  4. Noise Generator: RF signal is made to a specified frequency and made random.
  5. RF Amplification: It boosts the RF signal.
  6. Power Supply:  Mobile jammers are battery operated devices.

Application Sectors of Mobile Jammers

Mobile cell phone jammers find applications in:

  • Defense sector.
  • Religious places.
  • Public places like cricket stadiums, cinema halls.
  • Office premises where meetings are done.
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