RedTacton- A Human Area Networking Technology

Information at fingertips……. Now is the era of widespread computing.

In this modern age of communication, everyone prefers to be interconnected and also requires the information to be accessible at fingertips. This can be made possible through better innovations in networking and communication technologies.

Usually networks are been classified as:

  • Wide Area Networks: also known as WAN, it remotely connects all servers and terminals.
  • Local Area Networks: also known as LAN allows a common wireless and communication link for the computers and devices associated.
  • Human Area Networks: also known as HAN, it is a technology that can change human body surface into a data transmission path with speeds of upto 10 Mbps between any two points of the body.

While communication technologies ranges from wired to wireless. 

  • Wireless communication means a method of data transfer through air, space using radio, infra-red or microwave signals.
  • While wired communication refers to the data transmission through a wired technology similar to that used in public switched telephone lines.

There are many drawbacks in most of the network and communication technologies. Considering it, NTT - Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation in Japan has bought a breakthrough technology using photonic electric field sensors through which better and high speed reliable HAN is made possible.

What is Redtacton Technology???

Redtacton technology is a better and innovative Human Area Networking technology that helps to turn any human body surface to a fast network transmission path.


TACTON: - “touch-act-on” or “action triggered by touching”.

RED: - It is an auspicious color.


  • Uses the electric fields of the human body surface to transmit the data.
  • RedTacton principle is that the properties  related to the optical field of a crystal will change based on the electric field.
  • This HAN technology allows or starts the communication process when the terminals embedded within the user and the devices get linked to each other according to the users’ physical or natural movements.

Need for RedTacton Technology

Two main reasons that has put a strong need for RedTacton technology into existence are:

  1. Share Data at high speed and achieve better operating range:

Most of the technologies (RFID, IrDA, Bluetooth etc…) have many limitations like network congestion, loss of data and low speed.  To allow transmission of data at high speed and operating range, RedTacton technology has been made into existence.

  1. Secure Transmission of Data:

Secure transmission of data is a major concern while using any communication or networking technology.  Even though different authenticating, authorization tools (card readers, ATM, etc.), biometric access control systems (fingerprint or retinal scans) are present, in one or the other way most of them are not secure. This has made to the breakthrough of Redtacton technology.

Working of RedTacton Technology


Transmitter should be with the user and the receiver can be with any device that needs data transfer.

  • Redtacton Transmitter produces an electric field that is weak to the body surface.
  • Redtacton Receiver senses the change in electric field on the body surface caused by the transmitter.
  • RedTacton detects changes in the properties related to the optical field of a crystal using a laser and converts the result to an electrical signal in an optical receiver circuit.




  • Signal from the interface is given to the data sense and transmitter circuit.
  • Data Sense Circuit:  It will sense the signal from the interface and if data is present the signal is given to the transmitter.
  • The transmitter gets into operation.
  • Transmitter will vary the electric field of the body surface.
  • Change in electric field is detected by the sensor.
  • Output of sensor is given to the detector.
  • Detector circuit will give its output to the redtacton device at the receiver.


  1.  Touch

Redtacton communication can be established just through a touch, walk or by stepping, sitting and also through other human movements. 

  1. Broadband & Interactive

Communication can take place in the duplex and interactive form at fast speed. Also, no deterioration is present in the signal since the human body is the transmission path.

  1. Any Media

Any transmission media like conductors, dielectrics can be used other than human body.  But the limitation is in the conductor length that can be used.

  1. One to One Data Transmission

Ability to transmit data from wearable devices on the human body to devices embedded in the environment.

  1. Intuitive operation

Communication takes place through simple human movements and actions. So there is no need or requirement of cables, cards, or other electronic devices.

  1. Setup

Register, configure and set up details for the user can be uploaded to the device at once the device is touched.


The main applications of RedTacton Technology are described below:

  1. Marketing Field

When a person stands in front of the panel of an advertisement, details that match the person’s attributes will be displayed automatically. By touching the items, the person can get more information about it.

  1. Security

This technology can be installed in a door, or any other locations where secure access is required. Here each secure access can be done and authenticated through a touch.

  1. Instant Private Data Exchange

Simple handshaking helps in exchanging the data between the mobile terminals on the user.


• Data transfer is faster and easier through this technology.

• Data loss during transfer is less.

• Use of minimum amount of power (of some mili- volt range).

• Security is more.


It can be useful within few centimeters.

• Effects on human body are still under research.

Comparison with Wireless Networks

The chart below shows the comparison of the wireless technologies with the RedTacton technology.  In the figure, the RedTacton technology is placed directly between the wired and the wireless communication.


RedTacton technology is a HAN technology providing better performance compared to any other wireless technologies. In terms of communication, security, speed and operating range ,it comes a step forward. Better service, better authentication and simplicity make Redtacton technology to be a breakthrough.  Last but not the least, this technology will be an advantage in the future for many applications.


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