New Raspberry-Pi Zero Development Board


Raspberry- pi has always bought something new for its customers. Recently, Raspberry-pi foundation introduced a new raspberry-pi board which costs just $5 – The New Raspberry-Pi Zero.  Through its introduction, Raspberry-pi aims each of its customers to get involved in this board and achieve their ideas. Low cost, ease of use and small size (credit- card size) makes it to the point of attraction.

 Raspberry-pi zero

The board can run Linux and can make all applications, programs that every Pi can run. This board is helpful to do programming, make music etc. As a key point it is helpful for beginners, hobbyist and DIY project lovers.With the help of the SD card, your code can run on boot and as when the power is given, the program will be running. The presence of the general purpose input and output pins will help you to connect the program and the components of the real world with your projects.  The new raspberry-pi zero board does not have any GPIO pins available but there are pin holes present each representing the 40 pins of the Raspberry-pi 2. The raspberry-pi zero board does not include an Ethernet port.  Here the power consumption is less and it is upto 160mA.  Now it is possible to purchase your own raspberry-pi zero board from Element 14, CPC, Adafruit, Pi Hut etc.

Technical Specifications

  • Includes a BCM2835 processor.
  • 1GHz clock is provided.
  • Memory used is 512MB onboard RAM.
  • Uses a SD card for the storage purposes.
  • 40 pin general purpose input and output pins.
  • Supports the HD1080P output via HDMI or RCA.
  • Utilizes a USB power source.
  • Identical pinout to Model A+/B+/2B.
  • An unpopulated composite video header

Mechanical Specifications

  • Dimensions : 65mm x 30mm x 5mm
  • Weight : 9g

Mechanical Dimensions of Raspberry-Pi Zero

Raspberry-Pi Zero Board Projects

1.  Raspberry-pi Zero Glove

Make a glove using Raspberry-pi zero board.  Other than the board, we can make use of the LEDs, conductive threads, tilt switch.  While wiring the LEDs and switching it caution is important.  Write the code for the LEDs to blink when the switch is made ON. Also add a battery.

Raspberry-Pi Projects

2.  Zero robot

For this project hobbyists have to make use of the components like motor control board, motors, wheels. Here we have to solder the 40 pin GPIO header with the Pi- Zero and we have it to attach the board and battery. With the help of the code one can control the motors.

Zero Robot

CHIP vs. Zero Board's-first-$9-fully-functional-tiny-computer

Comparison Table

chip vs raspberry-pi 2

Raspberry-PI 2 vs. Raspberry -Pi Zero 

The introduction of Raspberry- Pi zero has bought the question whether it is really better than the Raspberry- Pi 2 model. Taking this point to consideration, let’s have simple comparison between them.Raspberry-Pi Zero vs. Raspberry Pi 2

Specs and hardware

The Raspberry-pi founders have introduced the zero board which has better the utility compared to the Model A version and also it somewhat matches the B version of Raspberry- Pi also. In Model B, it utilizes a quad core SoC, while the zero board uses a single core.  While considering the RAM allocation, B version of Raspberry-pi utilizes 1GB, while the zero board uses 512 MB only.

While considering the ports, zero board has OTG port, USB port, HDMI slot, while the B version of the Pi has four USB ports, HDMI outputs, Ethernet port, and audio jack. In the case of GPIO, both have 40 pins


Raspberry pi zero has a price of $5 while the raspberry pi 2 comes with the price of $ 35.

More powerful than Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi zero board is 40 percent fast while comparing it with the original Raspberry-Pi.  The features like 1GHz clock, 512MB RAM makes it possible. But performance wise Raspberry Pi 2 will be better.

No built-in storage

Raspberry Pi Zero lacks fixed storage. Rather, you must supply your own storage in the form of a microSD card, which can be inserted in the supplied slot.

Bundled software

The Raspberry Pi Zero runs Raspbian, just like other Raspberry Pi devices. It's a lightweight operating system based on the open source Debian OS.

Power Consumption

power consumption


Raspberry Pi 2 is a better version for advanced options while the zero board is good for hobby projects due to its limitation in RAM and other features.

Comparison Table

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