Gravity to Energy

Gravity, an unlimited source of energy…The question is can we use this energy as an infinite source????

Gravity itself cannot be used as an infinite energy source. Gravity is actually a force, which helps to exchange and transform the energy. It just provides a way to temporarily store energy in an object. This stored energy is known as gravitational potential energy.

Gravitational Energy can be defined as the energy that any object can possess due to its position in the gravity field. It is equal to the weight times the height to which an object is lifted.

Gravitational Energy = Weight x Height = mgh

Gravity converts the gravitational potential energy to the kinetic energy (motional energy). It is a true concept that gravity is unlimited, it can never come to an end. But since, the gravity is just a force and not energy it cannot be used to extract infinite energy alone. Forces are not energy and you can never get more energy out of a system than you put in.

Consider example of a rubber band.

  1. Stretch the rubber band.
  2. Let it go.
  3. It comes back.
  4. Through stretching, we can store the potential energy in the rubber band.
  5. This potential energy becomes kinetic energy when you let it go.
  6. But consider the case of a rubber band which is not stretched. In this case, the band does not move and no energy is created.
  7. The kinetic energy produced in the rubber band is equal to the potential energy while stretching it.

Lifting any object against gravity is similar to the stretching of the rubber band.

Below we discuss some devices that use the gravitational energy to produce electric power.

Gravia Lamp

Gravia Lamp

A graduate student at Virginia Tech developed an alternative energy gadget which is a gravity powered lamp known as Gravia Lamp. This lamp is powered using the motion of falling weights known popularly as Gravity. It is simple in design and this standing type floor lamp has a length of about 58 inches and has the shape resembling to a cylinder.

At the top of the Gravia Lamp, there is a ball screw where the brass weights have to be attached. Normally, five 4-5 kilogram weights are enough.  When the weights are attached, the platform will start to drop along with the screw aligned with the lamp length. When the platform moves down along the screw, the screw will start spinning. This process will cause the gravity motion to be converted to the rotational motion where it is necessary to spin the gear present at the lamp bottom.

The gear which is spinning will cause the generator to spin.  The generator consists of a stator and rotor which helps in the conversion of the rotational motion to electric power.  This electric power generated has the ability to power up ten LED bulbs. These bulbs will illuminate the lamp. Here the bulbs will emit 600-800 lumens. When the weights reach the bottom of the Gravia Lamp, the LEDs will loose the power and again the weights have to be moved to the top part.


  • Endless supply.
  • No need to connect to any outlet provides full green energy.
  • Device is self-contained, relying solely on human input to trigger the cycle that creates light. There's no outside energy required beyond that which goes into producing the lamp components in the first place.

Gravity Engine Using Pinwheels

Pinwheels when powered by gravity become a free energy generator.  This gravity engine consists of:

  • Pinwheels
  • Weights
  • Upper and Lower cylinder,
  • Push bar spring
  • Air venting pipe,
  • Generator

In this engine, when the weight goes down in the lower cylinder, the liquid is forced out of it to the upper cylinder. As the weight reaches the bottom part of the cylinder, liquid weight is concentrated to the right and upper side of the cylinders.  This will cause the system to rotate to the right side when it is in the unlock position leading to the production of electricity. The entire process will be continuing.

There is an air venting pipe which will connect the cylinders that are placed opposite. Now, when the liquid starts entering the upper cylinder, air starts displacing out the pipe and then moves into the lower cylinder with the weight descending.

gravity engine

Gravity Batteries

Now it is possible to store large amount of energy in a cheap and environment friendly manner using Gravity Batteries. Environment friendly, cheap, free maintenance, safety are it main features. Gravity battery stores the energy from the solar panels and delivers while needed.  Gravity batteries are considered to be the best method or way to store large amounts of energy for a long period of time.


It consists of large hollow, series connected vertical tubes cylindrical in shape. Each tube will be connecting a large weight which is hanged inside the tube attached to the cable. Above the ground part, each of the wires is spooled up and they are attached to the respective coils. Here the coils are mounting to the central support axis where all the weight is carried. Interior of the support axis consists of two transmission axis. One of the transmission axes is for the charger while the rest is for the generator.  Each coil is switched individually between the axis using a gear system.  When the energy is in surplus amount, the distributor part will route the energy to the charger. Here the charger makes use of the electric energy to spin its transmission axis. Due to this all coils will spin and the weights get lifted up to the maximum height.

Gravity batteries

As the weight reaches at the top height, the coil will start to switch from the charger axis to the generator one. When the energy is needed, allocator will help to switch the break on the generator axis to OFF position which will cause the coils to unwind, spin the axis and thus helps in powering the generator and hence creating electricity.

Hence, from these examples it is clear that gravitational energy can be used to develop electric power….