It looks like a story that happened in November when two students of MIT PhD namely Daniel Leithinger and Sean Follmer, introduced a magical phenomenon. This eye catching phenomenon is known as inFORM. This inFORM Dynamic Shape Display project basically shows a table that is built with some motors, number of pins and linkages. This project started in MIT media lab has the capability to render some person physically through a digital source. inFORM is an upcoming technology which is under development at MIT. This inFORM system facilitates the movement of physical pixels in a table according to the data scanned from the input device. In first phase of this project they are using only 900 moving pixels(30X30). Increasing its resolution and efficiency will make a revolutionizing change in technology. inFORM Dynamic Shape Display technology has great application in a wide variety of fields. Using this technology architects are able to view 3D designs physically, we can move objects from a distance, 3D designers are able to prototype their 3D designs physically, in medical we can view CT scans in 3D physically and can interact with it, surgical simulations are possible, other interactive scenarios are also possible. 


Technology has transformed many things in the lives of the humans. Day by day everything is becoming specialized. The things are getting in the control of the humans. They can handle every single aspect of technology with their knowledge and power. Such creations like inFORM Dynamic Shape Display are the best example of human success. No one has ever thought about such invention. But the dream has come true now.

It seems like a science fiction formula that really attracts millions of people all around the world. It can present a person physically in a real time. This inFORM technology has the potential to change the world dynamically. The idea is strange but very useful and once applied, inFORM will transform the world of digital world into physical world.

The emergence of idea: inFORM


The students say that they were inspired by the idea of the pin screen toys.   These toys are like you press them from one end and it shows on the other side of the toy. They believe that this thing will make the digital world more energetic and powerful. People will be able to talk to each other, make conferences and that will be physically digitalized.

Look of the inFORM project:

The table that is used in the experiment is 15 by 15 inches. It is known as inFORM and said to be a complicated pin screen toy in which each and every pin is attached to individual motor. There are 900 pins on the table. Single pin is half inch wide. 900 motors are attached with these 900 pins. It was a great challenge for the students to control 900 motors at a time in such a dense area.

The process of inFORM involves interaction and perception. The users can physically turn the table in some shape. Therefore, the choice of motors should be sensible. It was necessary for the functioning of the motors properly. The Dynamic Shape Display can basically change the physical shape to a render 3d type content. The display of this phenomenon is called inFORM. It allows a variety and wide ranges of the interactions.

There is a projector on the top of the surface of the table. It gives the contexts. The shape shifting pins actually give the color. There is a video given by the MIT students that show the whole magical scenario like moving a ball, or giving a notification of smart phone.

They said that by moving the 900 pins up and down them can form a shape. This is controlled by a computer. Each of the motor is basically controlled by a customized circuit board. The shape is three dimensional that is emerged on the display screen. Any remote person or object can be displayed with the help of this inFORM.

Advantages of inFORM for the human kind:

1. New technology:

inFORM is a very new technology. This kind of technology was never introduced to the world before. Such innovations in the world help the people to make the digital world more flexible for them. They can make their lives much easier. The new technology, inFORM always presents betterment for the society.

2.  inFORM helps to make conference calls live:


The conference calls that were made in early days were just on phone and Skype. They were just digitalized but not physically supported. With the help of inFORM Dynamic Shape Display you can make your calls live. You will feel the remote area persons closer to you. This is an amazing technology that can lead to unbelievable paths.

3. It has got sensors:

The inFORM is a very interesting and its sensor is able to locate the maps and can easily interpret the positions of all 3D objects. You can move the pins on the table with the help of your hands. This system can even work as remotely.

4.  inFORM can be used is various departments of life:

The 3D visualization can make the lives of the people more digitalized.


inFORM can help in the field of medical and architect, business and other contents of life. It can be used to visualize the CT scans and you can share all the 3D designs.

These are only some advantages of the inFORM. There are lots of more as per the subjects that you are working on. Right now it is expensive but later on when the technology will be widely distributed it will become highly affordable to all people. The most important accomplishment of the inFORM is that it can render an object or person remotely. The team has used the sensor that is used for the motion related games. It captures the movement of the person. The projector that is mounted can also display the color.

The scientists believe that by using these pins up and down they can form any shape. It will require only few minutes that a 3D printer uses and takes several hours to do that, it can prototype things gently. It can be a shape of any map, a remote person or anything.

They had a clear goal when they were making this project. That is why they made the assignment with all good hopes and succeeded.


All in all, the technology right now is not available commonly. It is new that is why it requires sometime to be distributed to all the people of the world. Once the technology will be settled down it will be available throughout the world. People will take several advantages from this innovation. It gives the people the strong sense of presence of those shapes and persons that are far away.

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