Analysis and Conceptual Design of Flying Cars - Are they Real:

The idea of flying car has been with us for almost a century. This concept was first acknowledged by Glenn Curtiss, who was the prime rival of Wright brothers. When, Wright brothers came up with an exquisite idea of aircrafts, he knew that he had to bring something extraordinary that can surpass the creation of the Wright’s planes. The only misery about his concept of roadable aircraft was this flying car started to hop instead of flying. This definitely disappointed him and he could never figure out what went wrong with his flying car. 

Flying Car

Things changed in March 26, 1936 when Autogiro Company of America AC-35 started working on this concept.  James G. Ray the chief pilot of the AC-35 had flown the test drive of the car. Initially, the car had simple configurations but with developing time, it was converted into a complete roadable car. Though, this car was a huge success by apparently it was never launched in the market.

How will flying cars work?

Flying Car

Understanding the concept of flying cars has never been easy. Engineers often confer that it’s a complex process that needs tons of expertise along with the right amount of research work too. Making the flying cars “roadable” is a new idea that has immerged in the market today. Roadable flying cars will be able to fly in the air and even run on roads. But, there are a plethora of flying cars that have reached the market till date such as the X-M2, M200X, and M400 developed and manufactured by a Canadian genius Paul Moller. These sky cars work with the help of petrol, diesel, kerosene and alcohol too as the essential component that makes this car functional is propane.  The fuel efficiency that is brought by these cars can be compared to that of a medium sized normal car. The initial cost of these cars was about $1 dollar but later it came down to $60,000.

Flying car

Current Developments of Flying Car:

There is a lot that is happening in the present scenario to give flying car the true popularity that they deserve. Presently, a United States based Automobile Industry known as Marco Industries is working on the development of a flying car called the SkyRider X2R. The car has an interior design of a two seats sports car and the company has revealed that now it’s working on the five seats and seven seats version of this car. The entire navigation support that will be stipulated by this car is controlled by GPS satellites along with cellular services. This means that the driver have to just get into the car, and then switch on the power after that enter the phone number or address of the destination that they want to reach and finally take off, rest of the work is done by the flying car itself.

The idea here is to bring a completely automatic system which can be utilized by almost anyone. Even those who hardly know anything about driving a car of plane can drive it as well. This makes this a fully automated car that will help you to get to your destination in no time. However, there are a few output devices installed in the car that can be used to operate any type of command that the user wants to give to the car.


  • They run on minimal amount of fuel hence they are quite fuel efficient.
  • One will never have to deal with traffic jams when they fly on a flying car.
  • 100% automated cars make them easy to use
  • Some cars involve wireless systems and fully fledged GPS satellite connection too.


  • These cars are way too costly than the usual cars
  • The mechanism that is used in the making of these cars is quite complex

Future Developments of Flying Car:

Flying Car

The future has something enticing in store for us in terms of flying cars. This is because Ferrari has announced its very own flying car F430 which has even approved its plans from the Federal Aviation Administrations. Now, there are number of developments that are taking place in the model using the k-omega 3D technique. This has given birth to a turbulence model that allows the engineers to understand how they can structure the entire concept in a proper way. The real physical model of this car is yet to be accomplished, but the tedious research and hard work that has gone into the process of making this car indicate that soon Ferrari will deliver what he has promised to their loyal customers. For now, the anticipation level is quite high, because if Ferrari comes up with a successful model of this car then it would be the fifth manufacturer of flying cars.

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