Electronic Telepathy

Electronic Telepathy or e-telepathy is a modern form of Telepathy. In most of the cases, the telepathic powers can be understood as some kind of supernatural force. But in some cases there is no natural or supernatural telepathic concept or ability. There is a use of Neural Interface to utilize this power. In this type of telepathy, thoughts are basically converted from impulses in the brain of human beings into some digital signals. These signals then can be broadcast artificially to another e-telepathy which will be using radio waves or any other form of wireless communication. It involves a process of electric activity that is basically produced by the neuron reaction potentials. It is quite a different form of Telepathy. It does not allow any kind of mind reading. But yes it can be used by any organization to mind hack some other user and then keep a tab on their thoughts. All this is done without their permission.

Electronic Telepathy

Nobody knows very much about Telepathy as it is not a common man phenomenon. But the science is getting hold on everything very fast. Initially, there was a phenomenon of telepathy but now comes the idea of electronic telepathy. It is said that after few years hence, maybe our generation will forget about smart phones, tablets and they will begin corresponding by means of electronic telepathy. Yes, it is possible in near future. There has been an experiment regarding this phenomenon. In this new experiment, scientists were able to show an amazing idea that one person could communicate to another who is sitting thousands of miles away. This will be possible without any kind of typing or talking.

Future of electronic telepathy:

We all heard about the latest Brain to Computer Interface technology (BCI). The future of electronic Telepathy is very vast as it is a Brain to Brain communication instead of Brain to Computer Interface with the help of a computer. It will be fast and clear as never before. The technology is elementary at the moment. This is also little more complicated to be understood by a common man and above through the idea of simply reading another's thoughts. 

In the experiment that basically explains the electronic telepathy; a person who actually donned a wireless EEG helmet has a thought of a word. The computer used by them later on translated the word into code. That code is then emailed to a robot which is available next to the other person. Now that person will be able to see some flashes of light that are basically corresponding to the word. That specific word is then reported back to the researcher.

    Electronic telepathy Electronic telepathy

For the time being the whole process is not exactly a practical replacement of the text but yes it will be real and simple in near future. The researchers and the scientist are constantly working in this idea and they believe that common people will soon be able to communicate easily through an evolved version of this electronic telepathy technology.

Brain to brain communication:

The scientists are not sure about what they will be able to communicate through this technology but there are some guesses like people will be able to send words, some images or emotions, etc. The best point about the future development of electronic telepathy is that it will be able to provide brain to brain communication. This communication will be faster richer and revolutionizing. This experiment is the first thing to this idea. As time will pass on this idea, it will flourish more and will be able to provide facilities in various categories. The human machine communication through electronic telepathy is no more a dream.

Electronic Telepathy Tattoos:

Electronic telepathy tattoosElectronic telepathy tattoos
Temporary electronic telepathy tattoos could help people in the near future to fly miles only by thinking instead of talking over smart phone or browsing through internet. i.e.  using this electronic telepathy tattoos, a person can easily transfer their information and thoughts with another person only by thinking and concentrating about the information that he/she wants to transfer.

The devices in the electronic telepathy tattoos are very small in size and its thickness is less than 100 microns and its average diameter is approximately like a human hair. The circuits are embedded in to a rubbery polyester layer, which allows the electronic telepathy tattoos to stretch, wrinkle and bend. When the electronic telepathy tattoos are placed on our skin or any part of the body, they are scarcely visible to others.

Electronic telepathy tattoos

The devices which are embedded into the electronic telepathy tattoos can detect or identify the electrical signals associated with the human brain waves. For power requirements, micro solar cells are incorporated with the electronic telepathy tattoos and micro antennas are used with these tattoos, which allow a wireless communication that is transmission and reception of data or energy signals between the users. Along with this it is possible to embed other sensors in to the electronic telepathy tattoos, like light detector sensor to analyze the oxygen level in the human body and thermal sensor for checking the temperature of the skin.

According to Coleman and his colleagues, the electronic telepathy tattoos can detect and identify the signals which are reflective of mental conditions. So nowadays the electronic telepathy tattoos are applicable for observing premature babies seizures (it is an unanticipated surge or flow of electrical activity occurring in the brain), which lead the babies into brain development issues or epilepsy problems. The electronic telepathy tattoos are now being advertised for use as digital health, consumer, medical device, defense products and industrial applications.

Electronic telepathy tattoos

Future applications of electronic telepathy:

This technology is not only made to deal with human to human or brain to brain communication but it is also used to allow humans to deal with their own thoughts in a better way. There are many examples of this like someone who is facing some psychological problem or some kind of depression. Then they could use this electronic telepathy to cope up with this problem in a better way. Their illness could be treated by using this device and recognize various thoughts of the patients. This will help the patient to overcome his or her weaknesses and try to develop their will power.

Also, doctors use this electronic Telepathy to treat their patients and solve their psychological disorders by getting ideas of their thoughts that are creating troubles in their brains. It is not an easy task but it will be possible in coming future.

There is another important use of this new idea.  The use of electronic telepathy is also possible in military and other forces. Providing electronic pulses to the brains of terror suspects will help the forces and agencies to minimize the criminal activities in their state. 

To make the technology more practical and easy to understand, scientists will have to learn much more about the idea by making various experiments. They need to learn that how the brain works and how it can be stimulated.

People know about the Cold War in which scientists have designed some rocket engines and missile technologies that are still very famous and at that time they were used to give them superiority on the nuclear battlefield. Now, the scientists are planning to develop some more complex and advanced weapons that actually involve human brains. They literally call the brains as mental battlefield in which there are a wins and losses through electronically passed signals. The army men can also send signals from brain to brain communication that cannot be read by some other unauthorized person. Almost all aspects of life will be able to enjoy the benefits of this technology.

The technology has also involved hands free games, typing through thoughts and many more such attractive features. Still there is a more space to work in this field. The experimenting will make it easier for the scientists to enjoy this magical phenomenon without harming anyone. Soon, there will be a new technological based world that will allow the common man to send and receive messages through electronic telepathy.

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