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The 21st century can be regarded as a century of inventions and discoveries that led to the creation of the world full of facilities for the mankind. These discoveries closed the door of the past and opened new horizons of the success. Today, we have everything at our disposal, in past there were no computers to store the data and perform the calculations but today we have servers and the databases attached to those servers which help us to reach our customers. The human beings made such things that were merely thought to be as impossible but the continuous struggle and determination of mankind made its dreams and desires come true. Inventions made our life very easy and today we are totally dependent on these inventions. From contacting other to knowing about others on the news we are totally surrounded in the world that is a global village. This global village on one side not only made our life easier but also changed the trends in which we lived our life.

3d Printer

There are many inventions that totally changed our way of processing and interpreting things. Among these historic inventions, one of the greatest inventions is the invention of 3D printer. We all might know a conventional printer in which the prints are printed on a single sheet and is made in the 2D format. A 3D printer is referring as a printer that is able to print a 3 dimension objects. The object can be of any shape or geometry. A 3D printer can be regarded as an industrial robot which works on the orders of the owner.

3d Printer-printing models

Principle of 3D printer:

When we talk about a 3D printer, there are basically following three principles,

  • Modeling
  • Printing
  • Finishing

3d Printer

These three principles help in making of a 3D print. There are some other principles like using a 3D printer manufacturing complexity is free, no assemblies are required, there is zero lead time and there is unlimited design space. Using a 3D printer the variety is also free means you can create any desired shape of your choice with great ease. A person can make unlimited design shape with a single 3D printer opening new horizons to the world of printing.


The overall printing process in almost all 3d printers is generally the same. The following steps are involved in printing process.

  1. CAD: A 3D model is produced using computer edit design process.
  2. Conversion to STL: The CAD design is converted to standard tessellation language.
  3. Transfer to AM machine: From the STL it is transferred to the AM machine.
  4. Machine setup: Machine setup involves about the setting of the machine.
  5. Build: It is the next step in which the design is build.
  6. Removal: The removal involves any flaw in the design.
  7. Post processing: Any procedure that is done before processing to check quality comes under this.
  8. Application: The application is finally developed with the help of the 3D printer.

3d Printer-processes


The 3d printer can be used in a variety of creative ways. 3D printing is being used to print organs from patient’s own cells as patients do not have to wait for the donor. As the process of the organ transplantation was always a lengthy process because the patient had to wait for the correct donor whose body tissues and the cells exactly matched the tissues and the cells of the patient’s body but now the 3D printing technology has given an opportunity to go for the organ transplantation in even a short notice.

  • In automobile, 3D printing is used to save time which is required in prototyping the parts for the vehicle.
  • 3D printing is also successfully being used in the aerospace industry.

3d Printer


The applications of the 3D printer comprise the following:

  • Design visualization
  • Prototyping/CAD
  • Metal casting
  • Architecture
  • Education
  • Geospatial
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment/retail

It also includes the prototyping in which we can make concept model and functional prototype. In the same way, digital manufacturing which includes tooling, injection, modeling, and making of end use parts come into the applications of the 3D printer. 3D printing makes it possible for the people to make an exact part from scratch in just few hours. This technology also allows the designers and developers to make exact part from the flat screens.

Working with block diagram:

The making of block diagram of a 3D printer enables the users to predict about the proper working of a 3d printer. In this way, we can also properly design a printer and can find out if there occurs any problem in the 3D printer.

3d Printer working

Comparison with other printers:

3D printer is the great gift of 21 century. This printer enables us to print beyond our expectations and imaginations. As compared to the other printer, the scope of the 3D printer is very broad. It is used in the automobile, aerospace and as well as the health sector too like bio printers. The printer is very fast and has artificial intelligence in its system as compared to other printers. The printer prints objects that were once thought to be impossible. 3D printers are a simple form of the Rapid prototyping machines. The rapid prototyping method is a very old conventional method that has been used in the aircraft, automotive and the aerospace industry for many years. 3D printers are more compact and smaller than the RP machines. These 3D machines are often used in offices as they acquire less energy and less space.

It is a common prediction by some manufacturing advocates that this technological development of the 3D printer will surely change the modes of the business, because in this way the end users will be in a position to do much of their own manufacturing rather than engaging itself in the trade to buy products from others who are involved in the trading of things.

3D printers have for sure changed the world of printing as the people are now available with much and many options of the printing. Making a 3 dimensional image of the product makes the people to look inside the product more closely and enables them to deduce more favorable results.

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