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Technological inventions spreading in different fields brought devastating change in our thinking. From medical to wearables, from home appliances to transportation, we are confronting with latest inventions. The historic invention of computers had a gradual impact on researches and finally we are now living in a world where each day gives birth to a new technology. The latest technologies have resulted to such an extent that now your dream can be recorded, doctors can feel the touch of your inner organs in air while performing any experiment, you can simply punch your finger instead of using cards or pins in the ATM for any monitory transaction and many more. These latest technologies are pointing towards our near future when we, as human being, will be able to predict the events of our coming days.

Despite of the enormous number of technological inventions, we are here, with 10 latest technologies which can affect our life to a certain degree.

1. Latest technologies in Wearable Electronics (Wearable bio sensors, Wearable watch, Google glass, etc):

Wearable electronics can be termed as wearable miniature computers which you can easily carry as an accessory on your body. Mainly sensor technology is incorporated in them. These latest technologies in wearables have continuous contact with their connected devices, thereby, relieving from the task of operating them. They are meant to perform multi-functionally. By inducing the gestures into them, they start working according to your will. Here are few wearable electronics which are of maximum demand in the market.

  • Wearable Bio sensors are wearable health monitoring devices which sends test reports in the form of data encryption into their assigned computers which may be located far away from your body.

                          Wearable Bio Sensors

                                          Fig: Latest technologies in Wearable Bio sensors.

              Smart Watch

                                                      Fig: Smart Watch

  • Google Glass developed by Google, is a head-mounted optical device which sends information to the connected smart phones by using voice commands.

               ?Google Glass

                                Fig: Latest technologies used in Google Glass.

There are various numbers of other latest technologies wearable devices which are induced with latest technologies but functions more or less in the same way. Only thing is there way of communication which is different for different devices.

  • Smart Tattoos: Smart tattoos can be fixed temporary on your body. There are many tiny sensors embedded on to the smart tattoos. These Smart tattoos work with the help of human sweat. During exercise, our body temperature increases, sweat will be produced and the smart tattoo will help to measure the lactate present in the human body sweat. With this lactate, smart tattoos produce some amount of charge (Microwatts)…more

                                        ?Smart tattoos

                                          Fig: Latest technologies used in Smart Tattoos.

  • Wearable Smart Lens / Google smart contact lens: Google’s smart contact lens is used for measuring the diabetic patient’s glucose levels with the help of their tear fluids and it will alert the measured value to the user through their smart phones, which is linked with the Google’s smart contact lens. Small sensors, chips and wireless antenna etc. are embedded into these Google’s smart contact lens for providing accurate glucose level reading to the user. This smart lens can also solve problems related to presbyopia and corrects vision…more

             ?Smart Lens

                          Fig:Latest technologies in Google smart contact lens

2. Latest technologies in Ultra private Smartphones:

Previously we used phones which had no security locking technology. But with the inevitable technical scams occurring with our private data, which we feel as securely saved in our phones, smartphone industry is coming forth with new developments for security concern in their devices. Now no more entering passwords or patterns for maintaining privacy of phone data. The phones are rather incorporated with fingerprint sensor. With the help of this technology one can view their private data just by creating their unique finger impression on the phone screens. This is an ultra-secured-technology which gave birth to the ultra private smartphones.              

3. Latest technologies in Micro scale 3D printing (Bio printing etc):

The bio printing technology revolves around the fact that the print of a particular tissue in the laboratory will allow you to show its multi-cellular building blocks. This is done by the bio ink which is released from the bio printer. This bio ink prints the targeted output by creating multiple printing layers of the tissue.

Similar kinds of latest technologies are used in 3D printing machines for creating three-dimensional object. A 3D printer is termed as an industrial robot which is used in formation of objects of different shapes. For getting further informations regarding 3D printing and Bio Printing latest technologies go through these topics.. 3D printingBio Printing


4. Latest technologies in Neuromorphic chips:

In the late years of 1980, Craver Mead used very-large-scale-integration systems to represent neuron-biological structures. These systems consisted of analogue circuits which initiated this procedure. The technology was known as Neuromorphic-engineering or Neuromorphic-computing. In today’s world, neuromorphic is still described in the same way but the circuits are a combination of analogue as well as digital resulting to generation of processors/chips. This technology, with the combination of biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, designs artificial neuron systems like, vision system, hearing system etc. In general they have the aim of creating all the sensory nerves which are connected to the brain.

    Neuromorphic Chips

5. Latest technologies in Solar power and smart wind:

Smart wind technology and solar power technologies are incorporated with artificial intelligence-based software. These latest technologies are mostly huge farms consisting of sensor induced wind turbines or solar devices. They have the capability to transmit accurate data to the nearest atmospheric research centers, which they attain from weather satellites. This enhances various research units to use the accurate weather forecast for generating renewable energy at a comparatively low cost. For Further Readings...

  ?Solar PanelWind Mill

6. Latest technologies in Humanoid robotics Field:

Humanoid robots are robots which are constructed in the form of human. These robots have the capability to interact with human environment. The structure of this robot is similar to that of a human. They consist of two hands, two legs, head and human torso which make them identical to human body. The humanoids are sensor-based robots. They are induced with Proprioceptive sensor and Exteroceptive Sensor. The former sensor technology helps for positioning and orientation of the robot’s body. The latter technology provides sensations which are created due to the sensory organs. The robots are fitted with actuators which allow motion. Hence this sensor-based technology can create magic by imitating human gestures and collating informations throughout the world.

  Humanoid RobotHumanoid Robot

7. Latest technologies in Screenless Display:

Screenless display is defined as a technique in which the visual informations from the video are directly transmitted to the retina of your eyes without using a screen. There are three of its kinds viz,

  • Visual image is a screenless display which involves formation of image which is perceived by your eyes. In this case light is reflected off some intermediate area before your retina perceives.
  • Retinal Display is another form of screenless display in which visual image is created in the retina of your eyes directly. This means there are no intermediate objects for reflection and the image is directly projected on your eyes.
  • Synaptic Interface is that form of screenless display which does not use light to create any image. The image is sent directly to the brain without interacting with the eyes.

  ?Screenless displayHolographic Display

8. Latest technologies in Agricultural Drones:

Drones are flying devices, built for the surveillance of various farming fields. These devices have camera which capture videos of the growing crops and transmit the data to its connected computer. This technology is a bit cost effective, but it is efficient and results in increased yielding of crops. This easy using surveillance device gives high return on investments in this field.

               Agricultural Drones

9. Latest technologies in Augmented reality / Virtual reality:

Augmented Reality is the mixing of virtual reality and real life. With augmented reality, developers can have interaction of the virtual components in the real world.

On the other hand, Virtual Reality is creating a virtual world and directly interacting with it.

    ARAR and VR

AR and VR are almost two same technologies whose main purpose is to force you to enter into a virtual world. But the main difference between them is, AR keeps connection with the real world and VR has no connection to the real world. VR is preferably used in constructing video games.

10. Latest technologies in Brain to Computer Interface:

    BCI Products          BCI

The brain-computer interface or a mind-machine interface is a technology which initiates direct communication between your brain and computer. This bio-technological development has led to cure cognitive diseases like hearing or vision or movement disorders. These machines are responsible for setting-up artificial sensory functions with the help of computers.

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