When we think of multiplatform controller board then innumerable devices pops-up in mind. But selecting the right platform for constructing the required system is the most essential part of the entire activity. Whether to construct a robot or hacking any system, micro-processors are required because they are termed as mini computers which perform almost all the functions of the system. Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black are multi-controller platforms which are used almost in every project. But their architectural concept has been derived from the most successful micro-controller, Arduino.

Arduino UNO model of the entire series was in maximum demand. Keeping intact the technology of Arduino UNO, a new stand-alone micro-controller board has been constructed which is named as RFduino. This platform is highly advance and undoubtedly unique. The primary feature of RFduino is its exclusively small size which fits into any kind of project. Also this multiplatform controller is highly cost efficient. Hence, it is a perfect package of a miniature, high efficiency and low price tag multi-processor.

Specifications of RFduino:

This small multi-controller board is studded with huge numbers of features which makes it the most efficient device. It is almost a counter-part of Arduino UNO and DUE but its heart/processor is Nordic semiconductor.

  • Minimal size: 15 x 15x 3.5 mm

  • Voltage Supply range:

      Low voltage supply – 1.9V

Moderate voltage supply – 3V

High voltage supply – 3.6V

  • Current Supply:

      Transmission – 18mA, 4uA ULP

Receivable - 18mA, 4uA ULP

  • CPU: 16MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0

  • Memory:

      Flash – 128 KB

RAM – 8 KB

  • GPIO pins: 7 which can be used for I2C, SPI, UART, Analog and several other ports

  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0

Installation of RFduino:

Installation procedure of RFduino is very simple and easy. You just need to follow few steps and you ca avail the technology in few minutes.

Step1: Plug the RFduino USB shield in the computer and configure the Arduino IDE.

Step2: Download the RFduino library and transfer it to the Arduino’s hardware storage directory.

Step3: Download the FTDI USB driver and install it.

Step4: Start the Arduino IDE. Then from the “TOOLS” menu select the RFduino board.

Step5: RFduino board is set-up in your project which can be confirmed when you find “void setup ()” function at the starting of the command.

Applications of RFduino:

There are immense numbers of sensor devices which are available in the market for developing various robotic and hacking projects. But all devices are not applicable in every field. The devices used in huge projects may not be used for mobiles.

Operating systems are the software installed in smart phones, tablets or computers for performing variety of applications. In the industry of Operating system, iOS and Android lead the way from the start.

RFduino is a wireless enabled micro-controller which induces compatible communication with any Bluetooth 4.0 in smartphones or tablets. But Android operating system was lagging behind in the nature of interaction with various wireless networks. The reason behind it was lesser number of devices supported Bluetooth 4.0 LE. After the launching of the new RFduino board, it only supported the iPhone 4 and 5 series for Bluetooth 4.0 LE. But now this advance bluetooth technology is available in Android operating system.

Tiny RFduino with 32 bit processor_mepits

As RFduino is a powerful and cost efficient device, it is used for application in varied fields via the bluetooth 4.0 LTE technology.

  • RFduino – Read analog sensor is used to display data from the analog sensor into your iPhone. This is done with the help of bluetooth technology between RFduino and iPhone. By connecting a single sensor to the GPIO pin and inducing 5V power into the circuit, this unbelievable technology can be incorporated.
  • RFduino with a 6 Axis accelerometer helps communication of your smartphones with the various pre-installed sensors. The RFduino communicates easily with the accelerometer or gyroscope and transfers output data directly into the computer via USB shield.?RFduino-USB shield
  • RFduino Temperature app is used to create a sensor application for reading temperature on your iPhone. This is initiated by reading the data from a TMP36 temperature sensor through GPIO pins. While sending data the signaling LED turns on.
  • RFduino LED app installed on iPhone help to have wireless control of 16 x 16 LED shield interface with the RFduino board.
  • RFduino Servo app build on your iPhone allows you to control all the four standard servos which are interfaced with a servo shield and is controlled through RFduino.
  • RFduino Android help you develop wireless connection between Android Operating System smartphones and RFduino board.
  • RFduino + adafruit ST7735 1.8” TFT display help you to display images. ST7735 1.8” TFT displays several images using GPIO pins of RFduino from the adafruit ST7735 library.
  • Twitter RFduino App enables you to send messages automatically into the twitter account. Bluetooth allows you to send messages within a small range. But Twitter RFduino App will allow you to send messages via low energy bluetooth 4.0 initiating small application of internet.
  • Quadcopter installed in various flying devices, is controlled by RFduino micro-controller. Besides it also helps the Quadcopter to connect with the ground by sending data into the smartphone.
  • RFduino with a door-locking sensor allows locking or opening doors by using the controller app designed in the smartphone for this purpose.

        ?RFduino with two shields               RFduino Servo Shield


You can avail various options in term of devices to build a robot. Some devices come with complete manual and kits. Some are stand-alone devices which have to be accessorized before configuring it into any kind of project. Building a robot requires complete kits, scratches fro 3D printer and many other robotic parts. If you are absolutely comfortable with Arduino devices, then RFduino will be the ultimate choice for devising such robots. The plus points of this micro-controller are, it fits your budget and provides high-efficiency performance with its Bluetooth 4.0 LTE. With les than $20 you can avail this extraordinary device and construct your own project.

                      Types of RFduino

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