Wireless trackpad

NailO!!! A Wireless Track Pad, which can be worn or put up on a thumbnail, is developed by the Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Lab).  The Wireless Track Pad helps in situations where speech or gesture input may be treated as improper or impolite and also when our both hands are full or busy like attending a phone call while you are cooking. When you run your finger over the wireless track pad NailO, the Track pad transmits data (it is analogous to the mouse like commands) wirelessly to the PC or to mobile phone through Bluetooth so as to take the corresponding actions.

wireless TrackpadWireless track pad

NailO- the wireless tiny track pad prototype is identical to the fashion accessory - stick on nails. The wireless Track pad - NailO comprises of multilayered miniaturized parts or hardware like Processors, sensing chip, battery and Bluetooth Radio etc on a tiny circuit board which is covered under the capacitive wireless track pad.

                                         Wireless track pad

The Wireless track pad uses the same technology – Capacitive Sensing –that is used in the touch screen of i phones. The MIT Researchers stated that, Even though the devices may look smaller, the challenge of developing such a device which comprises of a battery, packing sensors, Blue tooth Radio chip, capacitive sensing chip and microcontroller in to a tiny, thin package on the top of the nail is very high. NailO perceived gestural inputs in real time and the accuracy is more than ninety two percentages. To avoiding the accidental gestures, the scientists provide a 2nd activation press on the track pad.

Wireless track padWireless track pad

With no doubt! If NailO is industrialized in to a commercial product, it may be very thin, adaptable surface with colors and patterns that will match any apparel.  

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