Arduino or Raspberry pi

Novices have always found it difficult differentiating between Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. They have always found it tough to choose one among the two when they really have to find the perfect device for themselves. Less do they know that both Arduino and Raspberry Pi are extremely different from one another? One of them is a mini computer while the other one comes under the category of a microcontroller. This difference is undoubtedly a huge one. Otherwise, both the devices have same size and look quite similar to each other.


The biggest difference:

Another huge difference that actually sets one device apart from the other is the fact that Arduino can easily be programmed through the trivial applications with the shape of C however; it is not a complete operating system. On the other hand, Raspberry Pi can be deliberated as a comprehensive computer. The worth and the dimensions of both the products are rather comparable. Raspberry Pi and Arduino are the products that are really miniature in size and inexpensive. The stuff placed inside both the products actually makes them different from each other.

The inputs and the outputs:

Some decent inputs can be seen in the Raspberry Pi, which in turn refer to great outputs as well. The product has digital connectors that make it work even faster and bring out amazing results. Alternatively, digital inputs as well as outputs, it is obvious that you can effortlessly use analog inputs in the Raspberry Pi as well just by using Analog-to-Digital Converters. These however are peripheral machineries. Arduino as a result gives exceptional outputs with great inputs.

The softwares working in them:

The Arduino firmware works in the Arduino. It actually is a very rudimentary bit of the essential software and it permits the system to interconnect with a processor by a simple USB. This stretches entrance to almost all of the features that it has. People do not usually replace the firewall but this is no doubt easy as well as possible to do. As soon as the request is encumbered, the user can utilize it anywhere he wants. He just needs to switch it into an electricity plug and use the required level of electricity. This is no doubt its best features. It is portable and can be used where ever and whenever a person wants to use it. There is no need of rebooting it to use it again. Plugging in the keyboard is the only thing that you have to do to use it. In the next step, you just have to choose the application and you are ready to move on.

The central processing units:

The Raspberry pi has a CPU that is Broadcom Arm-v6 as its core. The product contains a lot of memory and has got a processor to process the graphics. The processor drives HDMI as an output. You just need to follow some simple steps to utilize the product and get all the benefits that you can from it. Just use the socket and plug the monitor, the keyboard, and the machine will run all by its self. You do not need any kind of extra devices to apply to it in order to utilize it accurately. It will run all by itself. The machine is tiny and you will be amazed to see how amazing it works and by the speed of the device. It comes in a small package and works as a fast driving machine. It has amazing memory and a fast processing speed.

Using an Arduino IDE is quite easy as compared to the standard Linux system.

Writing a program with the Raspberry Pi needs some operating system installed. Along with it, it asks for some code libraries. However, that is just the start. Using Arduino is a lot easier. You just need to put in a code that is eight lines long. It cannot run an operating system so you need to plug it in and start using it.


The comparison:

The price of the Arduino is 30 dollars while the price of the Raspberry Pi is 35 dollars. The Arduino comes with a memory of 0.002MB whereas the Raspberry Pi has a memory of 512 MB. The clock speed of the Arduino is 16MHZ while the speed of Raspberry Pi is 700 MHZ.  Multitasking is not possible with Arduino however it is considered as a forte’ of Raspberry Pi. The input voltage of Arduino is 7 to 12 V while the input voltage of Raspberry Pi is 5V. You can add just one USB in the Arduino while Raspberry Pi can support two USBs. The emergent setting of the Arduino is Arduino while the emergent setting of the Raspberry Pi is scratch and all the Linux supporting products.


Competitive prices:

The prices of both the devices are something one takes into account while choosing one of the two. The price of the Raspberry Pi is almost $43, while the Arduino board has a price of around $15. However, there is one thing to take into account. If you sum up the prices of the diverse equipment that you are required to have in order to make Raspberry Pi working, you will get to know that the total price that the Arduino board has by summing its products together is more than its competitor. It makes the Arduino cost effective as well as effective in terms of prices as compared to the Raspberry Pi.


An option to use them together:

Arduino and the Raspberry Pi are considered to be the products that provide the best of both worlds. Raspberry Pi is without a doubt a lot more multifaceted as compared to its competitor the Arduino. Choosing one of the both is quite a decision to take. However, why do you want to choose one? You can have advantage of both the products by using them together as it is quite possible.

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