Interfacing Sensors With Arduino Using MEP_ROBO UNO Board

Learning basics of adruino interfacing with sensors……..

Here let’s use the basic sensors like LM35 temperature sensor, PIR sensor, LDR, TSOP and Ultrasonic sensors.

               Interfacing of sensors

                                                                                          Figure 1: Interfacing of Sensors.

  • Interfacing of  LM35 with Arduino

In LM35 interfacing with Arduino, temperature information will be send to the PC using the code/circuit.

Generally, LM35 is a three pin temperature sensor which is used to measure temperature variations as an analog output. The operating range of the sensor is about -55 to 150?C. Connect the output pin of the sensor, to the analog pin (A1) of the MEP_ROBO development board..


                                                                                                             Figure 2: LM35


Step1: Procure Materials Required

  • LM35
  • MEP_ROBO Board with ATMEGA 328 IC.
  • USB Cable.
  • Computer with Arduino software.
  • Connecting wires(3)


                                                                                Figure 3: Components Diagram

Step2: Write the program in Arduino UNO IDE.


Step3: Connecting LM35 with the Board


                          LM35 with board

                                                                                                      Figure 4: Connection Diagram

  • Place the temperature sensor to any of the analog pins A0, A1, A2, and A3.
  • Here we are using A0.
  • Connect Vcc of the LM35 with the Vcc of the board.
  • Connect GND of the sensor with the GND of the board.
  • Connect output of sensor with A0 of the board.

Step4: Connect USB cable to the board.

Step5: Download program to the board.

Step6: Output

The output is seen through the serial monitor. In Arduino IDE, take Tools----Serial Monitor. Set the baud rate to 9600.



                                                                               Figure5: Output

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