Bluetooth Interfacing With Arduino

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances. HC-05 Bluetooth module is used here for the interfacing purpose.  The aim of the project is that when the bluetooth module sends a data the LED turns ON, otherwise the LED will be OFF.

Step1: Components Required

  • Bluetooth module HC-05.
  • USB Cable.
  • Computer with Arduino software.
  • MEP_ROBO UNO with Atmega IC.
  • Connecting wire.
  • Smartphone with Blueterm App.

Step2:  Write the program in Arduino UNO IDE.

bluetooth programming

Step3: Connecting the bluetooth with MEP_ROBO UNO board.

In the program, “G” character is sent by the bluetooth and the LED will turn ON.

Connect the bluetooth to the USART_1 slot present in the board. Also, place the TX/RX jumper to the right position.

Connect Between bluetooth module and Blue term App.

1)Download blueterm app in your smartphone.

2)Connect smartphone with the bluetooth module.

For linking between the bluetooth and the board:

        1) Go to the bluetooth icon, right click and select Add a Device

        2) Search for new device, our bluetooth module will appear as HC-05, and add it

       3) The pairing code will be 1234.

3)After make a pairing, we can now program the arduino and upload a sketch to send or receive data from phone.

                     bluetooth interfacing with mepuno

                                                                                                            Figure1: Connection Diagram

Step4: Connect USB cable to the board.

Step5: Download program to the board.

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