UART Interfacing

Serial communication allows sending and receiving data or commands between the computer and control board. In this project, we will be sending a character from the Computer and it will be serially printed on the serial monitor.

Also, here a character string will be given to the computer and that will be displayed on the serial monitor.


                                                                                                Figure1: UART Interfacing

Step1: Procure Components Required

  • USB Cable
  • Computer with Arduino software
  • MEP_ROBO UNO with Atmega IC

Step2:  Write the program in Arduino UNO IDE


During Serial Transmission: will be displayed on the serial monitor.

During Serial Reception: a character given from the computer will be displayed on the Serial Monitor.

Step3: Connect the USB cable to the board and PC.

Step5: Download the program to the board.

Step6: Check the Output.


                                           Figure2: Output


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