MEP_ROBO UNO development board is a powerful development platform based on Atmega 328P microcontroller with a flash memory of 32Kb. The board is really useful for robotic applications and the key importance is that interfacing using the board is really easy.


  • Microcontroller ATMEGA328 P.
  • Crystal for microcontroller: 16 MHZ
  • USB type B connector
  • 5volt, 12 volt regulated circuit.
  • Two separate regulated 5 volt power supply.
  • On Board On/Off switch.
  • On Board DC jack for powering up using adaptors.
  • On Board Reset Switch.
  • On board L293D dual DC motor driver.
  • On board TSOP IR receiver.
  • On Board 3 user LEDs (with jumper selection), TX/RX indication LEDs.
  • On board connectors for analog interfacing.
  • On Board Buzzer Interface.
  • On Board PWM Interfacing.
  • On board FTDI Driver for adruino.
  • Berg headers for external interfacing.
  • Supports I2C /3 WIRE /RF/USART serial communication standards.



1.ATMEGA 328.

2. L293D Motor Driver.

3. FT232RL Driver IC .

4. 16 MHz Crystal.

5. DC Power Jack.

6. USB B Type Connector.

7. Switch ON/OFF. 

8. Buzzer.

9. 3 wire communication slot. 

10. I2C/USART berg header.

11. PIR/RPM Sensor Slot.

12. TSOP IR Sensor Slot.

13. Reset Switch.

14. User LEDs.

15. Analog pins.

16. PWM.

17. DC Moto Interface berg header.

18. 5V Regulator circuits.

19. RF remote decoder slot.

20. Line array sensor slot.

21. 12v/5v DC Supply.

22. USART slot.

Note: The board manual, datasheets, software is attached below in the zip file.

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