3D Modelling using Tinkercad


In these modern days we all heard about 3D Model. The process of developing any object in three dimensions through specialized software is known as 3D printing. 3D models can be designed with photogrammetry, computer aided design (CAD). The 3D models created with CAD reduce errors and can be corrected before printing.

In this tutorial, we will start with creating a key chain. For this we need a 3D design software tool. We can accomplish it using Tinkercad.

Tinkercad is a simple, online 3D design application for the masses. Tinkercad is a product of Autodesk Software Company which makes architecture, engineering, constructing and manufacturing softwares. This tool is browser based, so users donot need to download or install the software. It is simple and easy to use. And no need of any design experience.


Features of Tinkercad

1. Shapes

Basic building blocks of Tinkercad are shapes. We can add or remove any shapes or create our own shapes.

2. Grouping

A set of shapes can be grouped together to create new models.

3. Web-based

Run in any web browser on Windows, Mac or Linux.

4. Import 2D and 3D

Create shapes, then import and extrude into 3D models.

5. 3D printing services

We can design using Tinkercad and get our prints shipped to door.

6. Laser cutting

The work-plane will cut a slice through the model, which then create laser cut.

7. Cloud storage

3D models created with Tinkercad are stored in the cloud, so it is very easy to access from anywhere with an internet connection.


Tinkercad’s website is www.tinkercad.com. All work is done and saved on the web.

1. First of all create an account and sign in to the site.



2. After signing to the page a new window will appear.


3. Click on “create new design”.


4. Ruler icon shows the length, width and height of the work plane. We can place desired shapes and text on the work plane. Before making text designs create a base. 

First of all select “box” from basic shapes and place it on the work plane. We need to reduce its dimension. Click the box on the work plane. At the right side a “shape” window appears. By changing the radius, steps, length, width and height we get the desired dimension.

5. We need a slot for hanging the key chain. For this select “tube” from basic shapes and place it on the work plane.




6. The dimension of the tube must match with the base part. This can be done by above mentioned step (Shape Window).

7. Colour of the base part and the tube are different. So we should make them same. It can be changed by clicking “solid” button. From this we can choose the desired colour. And the “hole” button is used to make hole appearance.

8. In order to make a single model both the base part and tube must be grouped together. For that select the whole work plane and click the “group” icon.

9. We can write our name, for example “MEPITS”. Select “text” option from basic shapes. Here we can pick letters one by one and place it on work plane or by selecting ‘text’ and write the required one. The arrows are used to rotate, stretch and expand shapes.

10. Then choose the desired dimension and place the text on the base.


11. Now the designed key chain is ready to print.


12. For printing, click on “export” and then select “.STL”.



Tinkercad keyboard shortcuts

1. Keyboard + mouse shortcuts

2. General Shortcuts


The main advantage of Tinkercad is that it is ideal for creating things that be printed. This software tool is designed for producing actual objects. Created 3D model can be send and end up with an object in our hand.


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